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Studio RD Summit: Jacco vanderKooij counts on how to make the customer’s experience memorable

For Jacco vanderKooij, founder of Winning by Design , a company that helps other companies structure their sales, how to buy people go through major changes, […]

30 actions you can take before the end of the year, starting today

We are in the final stretch of 2017 and already beats that feeling of having to run out of time to do all that is behind […]

What’s new in AdWords: Learn how to advertise on YouTube to people who searched for a term on Google

  With the intention to increasingly integrate their platforms, it will soon be possible to make ads on the site videos (which is already the world’s […]

SEO tip # 10: Prioritize the user experience with content

Did you know that the user experience with your content is very important for the SEO of your website? This means that a slow site, very […]

Instagram question stickers: what it is and how companies can use the new feature

In recent weeks Instagram launched a series of new tools such as TV Instagram  and conversations on video, making the interactive application than ever. Now, the […]

Studio RD Summit: Camilo Coutinho gives tips on how to make videos and optimize them for SEO

Although for years many people come pointing the video format as a trend, it seems that many companies have not yet started to invest in the […]