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Instagram Stories now allows search by location and hashtags

A new feature is available in Instagram from now, when you are at an event, restaurant or city, you can open the app and see what […]

How to make good ads on Facebook: the tips and trends of Fabio Prado at Studio RD Summit

If the ad was not able to get attention, you spent an impression for nothing, that person will not notice you. You’ve probably lost count of […]

Good Email Marketing Trends and Trends: Check out the tips from Carly Brantz at Studio RD Summit

If you know what is Email Marketing , it is likely to also have heard people say that this channel is dying. The expert Carly Brantz, […]

RDicas # 05 – Careful when changing domains

The fifth edition of RDicas is for you who are thinking of changing your domain or make a change in the information architecture of your site […]

5 techniques to make your website sell even more today

How to take advantage of his visits to the site and convert into customers? What are the steps to do this and achieve good results? The […]

Supersonic: 6 Lessons from Oasis on Content Marketing

The documentary Oasis: Supersonic , released in 2016, entered in the catalog of Netflix Brazil. It chronicles the early years of Oasis, a group formed in […]