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LinkedIn launches carousel ads

LinkedIn launched globally yesterday, June 12, a novelty that brings other possibilities for those who make campaigns on the social network. A new ad format, the […]

Support area: find out if this is the right area for you and learn how to prepare for a selection process

When working in technical support Digital results, I began to reflect on how the Support area is one of the most important company. This is because […]

How to (re) do your company website [Complete Guide]

A few years ago to a site function it was only to be the “face” of the company on the Internet. Something just to be present, […]

How to create call-to-actions killers in Power Point

Click here! Know more! Download the eBook! Buy now! Take advantage of the promotion! These are just a few examples of imperative sentences that work very […]

How To Increase Your Sales Using Business Marketing

The marketing is gaining more space in the world of business and entrepreneurship every day. This fact is a reflection of a merit that did not […]

How to Make an eBook for Lead Generation

One of the most efficient techniques that Digital Results uses to generate Leads (business opportunities) is to eBooks free on subjects of our field. This is […]