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The 1st day of the RD Summit 2017 in 31 tweets

The first day of RD Summit 2017 came to an end, but the good news is that we still have 2 more days of pure content, […]

Twitter Analytics: how to use the tool and analyze the statistics of a profile

You know how Twitter Analytics tool can help your business stand out on that channel, and fall, give some important insights about your audience? Like any […]

RD Summit 2015 Collaborative Broadcast

The Digital results are totally focused on RD Summit, the most comprehensive Digital Marketing and Sales event in Brazil. During the 29 and 30 October 2015 […]

How to Prepare to Sell More on Black Friday

There are times that Black Friday is a tradition in the United States, with trade offering senior discounts and consumers waiting in long lines at the […]

What is semantic search and how to use it in content production?

If you studied communication, it is likely that the term semantics refers to college classes. Or, the Portuguese classes at school. However, in addition to the […]

How to get audience for your site when you do not have any

To create new business opportunities for your company, especially in digital channels, having a website is essential . After all, as your business needs to have […]