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How to start doing marketing automation: check out tips from Shawna Stephenson at Studio RD Summit

An automation platform targeted Leads to address and great content. According to the expert of marketing automation . In his interview at Studio RD Summit, she […]

Google AdWords is now Google Ads

  Google ‘s product line targeted ads underwent changes. In a statement  signed by the VP of Ads & Commerce, Sridhar Ramaswamy, the company released the […]

How to lose your fear of writing and start producing content

There is a very serious mistake on common sense. It is when someone says they can not write because it is a vocation, a task that […]

How to retain customers and avoid churn proactively

  Prevention is better than cure. And it’s not an easy job when it comes to retaining revenue while avoiding the so feared cancellations or churns. […]

The most common questions of the Digital Marketing Quiz

Launched in May the Quiz Digital Marketing , a free tool to help people measure their knowledge in digital marketing simple and objective way and still […]

What it takes to succeed in the commercial arena: check out Farlan Dowell’s tips at Studio RD Summit

People fall in sales for several reasons: either because they love the profession, either because they need jobs. But whatever the motivation, for sales specialist, Farlan […]