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Meet the 10 most used social networks in Brazil

You’ve probably seen some matter on TV talking about how much the Brazilians love social networking . And the numbers prove it really is so. With […]

Inbound Vs. Outbound Sales: Which model to use to generate more sales?

  Inbound and Outbound terms are common in the vocabulary Digital Marketing . With the recent changes in consumer behavior, the areas of marketing and sales […]

BCG matrix: Understand what it is and how it relates to Inbound Marketing

In the 1970s, the Boston Consulting Group – one of the most renowned consulting firms in the world – has created an analysis tool that even […]

3 Quick Tips on Showing the Value of Your Product or Potential Customer Service #RDSummit

With nearly five decades of experience, expert consultative selling Alberto Couto believes that today’s buyers are living a moment of fear. In his opinion, either by […]

The influence of startups in large corporations: interview with Romero Rodrigues at Studio RD Summit

If you undertake or probably want to take you’re well used to terms like business model canvas, Lean Startup, Crossing the Chasm, MVP and product market […]

What is hygiene in the mailing list and how to do it

  Who works with management of the mailing list . Do not spam , send emails with appropriate frequency and relevant content always helps to keep […]