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How to find out what your audience wants to read on your site (and gather ideas for new posts)

Every blog that uses the Content Marketing as a strategy have a common mission: to deliver value to your audience. In other words, one must be […]

How to Adopt a Content Marketing Strategy to Enhance Your Employer Branding

  The talent management process, which includes recruitment, selection and retention is a major challenge within an organization. Many institutions suffer with a high turnover rate […]

Google Analytics: what it is and how to do the initial setup

If you reached this article, you probably already have a website and perhaps already have Google Analytics installed on your pages. But if you’re new to […]

Black Friday: 11 last-minute actions to sell more on date

It’s almost Black Friday ! One of the key dates for Brazilian ecommerces takes place on November 24 and is expected to generate R $ 2.5 […]

Digital Marketing Glossary

To make your life easier, we list below the main terms we use in our posts and educational materials and made a brief explanation of each. […]

5 Tips for Using Online Videos in Your Business Digital Marketing

Until recently, the Digital Marketing was still a little explored area by companies and who ventured to invest in its many ways was seen prominently and […]