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Why producing quality content and revealing your secrets will not kill your business

The content is at the heart of the strategy when we speak of modern marketing. It is with quality content that showed up in the first […]

Email Marketing Tip # 14: Tell users what will be the next step

“I generated conversions, now what?”. This question is not usually done only by the company that creates the campaign Email Marketing , as well as the […]

New Facebook role shows insights about videos posted on your fan page

  Facebook will show administrators fanpages a better idea of who is contributing to the dissemination of the videos on the social network . The news […]

What is Meta Description and why is your optimization important in the pages and posts of your site

Meta Description is a snippet of HTML code that has the function to summarize what the page deals. The summary appears only in the code and […]

How to train, retain and retain customers with Content Marketing

We used to share many valuable tips on the blog about strategies Leads Management , then today we will change a little focus and show how […]

Google wants to improve its company ads with machine learning

  Google wants you to leave in his hand the responsibility to make ads more effective. At least that’s the signal given in their Google Ads […]