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9 behaviors that can lengthen your sales cycle

This post is an excerpt from a chapter of the book “Predictable Revenue: How to deploy a revolutionary methodology for outbound sales could triple the results […]

Companies can now add videos to Google My Business

  A collaborator of Google, Allyson Wright, announced that from January 12, 2018, an upload tool videos are available for Google My Business users. Business owners […]

Google starts to show style suggestions in image search

The search Google images is full of photos for people to breathe – are places to travel, to buy items or your favorite celebrities, the arsenal […]

Dude, where’s my PageRank?

If you already have knowledge about SEO at least five years, as must at least have heard enough of the “pranks” that Google usually do with […]

What marketing metrics really measure the success of my business?

  Do you know what the most important metric for a company? This question may seem obvious, but when it comes to marketing, many companies still […]

Keyword and SEO Research: How to choose the best keywords to fight for results on Google

This post is an excerpt from the eBook + Worksheet “Research keywords: what it is and how to do” , a material that shows the theory […]