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How and why to avoid stereotypes in the creation of your person

You may already know what is the concept of persona, but just to recap: Personas are fictional representations of your ideal client, whose creation is based […]

Why Use Email Marketing? 10 reasons for your company to work with this strategy

When they start their strategies Digital Marketing , many customers think much on social networks, in boosting publications and want to be on the first page […]

Why the Recurrence Economy Came to Stay

If you lived on planet Earth in the last 10 years, surely he has come across and even got used to the service subscription model – […]

Welcome to the Jungle at Rocket Queen: Guns N ‘Roses and the way in Digital Marketing

The Guns N ‘Roses took the stage in Rio Rock in 2017. It was his fourth appearance at the festival in Rio lands. After many years […]

Does your company’s content speak the same language as the customer?

Our friends at SOAP, expert presentations , always teach that a presentation should have a goal, to lead the audience of the current status (point A) […]

SEO Tip # 11: Include internal and external links during content

You should know that since Google ‘s inception, receive links from other sites to your (mostly relevant sites and authoritative web) is one of the main […]