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Email Marketing Tip # 12: Use Social Evidence

According to the survey ZMOT (Zero Moment of Truth) the Think with Google : 54% of consumers bought using the compare products online; 62% of shoppers […]

Luciano Potter tells how Atlantis radio evolved its model, adopted other channels and became a network at Studio RD Summit

The journalist Luciano Potter saw the popularization of the Internet in Brazil transform the way people consume media. Working with radio since 2000 – medium in […]

6 Ways to Apply Referral Marketing and Create a Spiral Funnel for Your Business

Marketing is about communicating . Mainly on the communication value . Marketing can happen even if you do not perform any conscious investment in this area. […]

Domain, subdomain, subdirectory, and parked domain: what they are and when to use each one

When we started investing in create a blog . At this point, many may have the following questions: use a subdomain or a subdirectory? Before that, […]

RD Summit Code of Conduct 2017

The RD Summit is the mirror of the most genuine values of Digital results from head to toe. He was born of latent desire to see […]

3 Key Results Your Business Can Have When Tracking Your Customer After Purchase

Regardless of context, have your customer’s attention in the first contact with your company is something essential considering all the effort of education and sale you […]