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5 Key Questions a Salesperson Must Do Without Fear

Information on your potential customer is essential during the sales process for two main reasons: to ensure in fact the effectiveness of the sale (with a […]

SEO Tip # 8: Fix 404 Errors and Broken Links

Error 404 Not Found. Probably you have accessed a page and found this phrase in place of the content. This error occurs whenever a user tries […]

Hello, architects: how to use Content Marketing to attract more customers

Entrepreneurs construction and real estate market are optimistic about the coming months, according to the survey Survey of the Construction Industry , released in late January […]

How Google Analytics for Firebase can help with your Mobile Apps strategy

According to the Google Consumer Barometer , at least 82% of people in Brazil use the internet on the phone with a frequency equal to or […]

How companies can innovate continuously: check out Roni Cunha Bueno’s tips at Studio RD Summit

The founder of the business accelerator Organic , Roni Cunha Bueno, has gone through several companies, as Netshoes and Earth . In his interview at Studio […]

Google I / O: Top 5 Changes Announced During Google’s Annual Conference

  If needed summarize the news announced by Google at the developer conference I / O in just two words, certainly the chosen would be artificial […]