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YouTube strategies: how to create and optimize videos to be found on search engines #RDSummit

The advertising Camilo Coutinho has produced videos for traditional media and worked in large companies such as  American, Buscapé, Shoptime, Submarino and Young & Rubicam. But […]

5 Benefits of Digital Marketing for Small and Medium Businesses

  The Internet has radically changed the way companies can find and communicate with their customers. Before, they were forced to spend large sums to advertise […]

From Targeting to Shooting: 9 Killer Tips on How to Make Email Marketing

The email marketing is an excellent channel to generate relationships and conversions. Having a qualified base is the starting point of the success of a campaign. […]

How To Make Media Pays For Inbound Marketing

No use having an excellent product or content the distribution of it does not reach the right audience. On this, the book Traction: How Any Startup […]

5 practices to leverage your Facebook page verified by Digital Results

Currently, more than 1 billion people worldwide are on Facebook. This makes the social network a powerful channel to disseminate content and strengthen the brand of […]

How the Facebook algorithm works, according to Facebook

Whenever announces an update or test their ranking algorithm, Facebook lets apprehensive of the whole world marketers. That’s because most of the companies are in the […]