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How to create an automatic e-mail receiving response in cPanel

A receiving e-mail autoresponder is a message sent to a pre-defined text to the contact who sent you an email. It can be used to notify […]

Como criar o Child Theme no WordPress

Child Theme or coarse translation of the term, “children issues” was created by WordPress developers so you can create subtopics based on the characteristics of a […]

Why SSL? 3 Benefits of Using an SSL Certificate

Safety always has been a concern when it comes to surfing the web and so let’s talk about SSL in this article. For a long time […]

Alternatives to WordPress: the top 15 CMS to use in 2018

The WordPress is by far the CMS (Content Management System) most popular in the world for good reason. However, you may not like his interface or […]

Drupal for beginners

Drupal CMS is a fantastic open source through which you can build modern websites. Whether personal blogs or e-commerce, Drupal can be the right tool for […]

10 tips for writing and posting your first blog post

Platform web hosting chosen site created with ease , blog all ready and structured, well thought out design and now that comes the tricky part: writing […]