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How to solve or non-WordPress administrator login problem

Can not log in as administrator can be terrifying, just imagine: you just wake up and have a great idea for your blog in WordPress, in […]

SSL: What it is, what it is for and how to install it

Security is everything in this life. When you build a home, you get keys to lock the house when you travel, when you go out to work, […]

How to ban access to a site by editing the .htaccess file

Prohibit access to a site is not something you routinely do as we build a website to publicize something, is not it? But in some cases […]

How to Restore WordPress Site With Only Database Backup

Back up your files and your site’s database is always a good idea. The more backups you make, the greater the chance you will not suffer […]

Improving the user experience on your event site

If you want to improve the user experience on your site, we have started well! With the ever-busy schedule, the event organizer is hard to have […]

How to install WordPress

WordPress is a free open source software that you can install on your hosting account. Webmasters use WordPress to create any kind of website. Simple blogs […]