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Why Use Social Networking for Business?

2018 and I’m still writing on this subject: Social networks for business: – Why use? What is my return?   If you want to learn more […]

Digital Marketing Tips for a Business Consultant

Find someone who  says  that  offers  quality Business Consulting services is not difficult. The hard part is to find someone who actually delivered the quality offered. […]

Why do you need to configure AMP to optimize your site on Mobile?

I bet you must be at least confusing to hear the term Accelerated Mobile Pages  . I hit? I was also so when I heard this […]

8 Ways to Increase Engagement in Social Networking.

The Million Dollar Question: How to Increase engagement in social media?   Although this question is very recurrent, I believe that there is no longer room […]

How to Test Site Changes in WordPress without unconfiguring everything?

You know you need to test changes on the Site, are wanting in need of improvement … But it is also afraid things do not go […]

Pillow Shot: Boost Your Brand with Static Video for Digital Marketing

What is a Pillow Shot? Pillow Shot is a cinematic technique invented by the Japanese director Ozu in the 1950s. The Pillow Shot is a long […]