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It’s almost Black Friday ! One of the key dates for Brazilian ecommerces takes place on November 24 and is expected to generate R $ 2.5 billion profit in the sector – which represents an increase of 18% compared with the previous year, according to Brazilian Association of Electronic Commerce (ABComm).

If you structured your campaign , set its offerings and is prevented from security problems , it is time to put into practice some last minute actions that can ensure more sales on Black Friday. And if you have not already, take the next two weeks. This is the last chance!

We separated some last-minute action to sell more on Black Friday:

1. Ad retargeting

One goal of retargeting (or remarketing, how Google calls this technique) is to increase your sales.

Not everyone who sees an ad for the first time with the purchase. But advertising again to those who have shown interest can make these people remember of your offer.

You can do both remarketing who visited a certain page as well as for those who put some product in the cart but did not complete the purchase.

On Black Friday, this technique has a special appeal because you can promote the products for which people concerned with a big discount, attracting their interest.

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2. Boost your offers

Take the next two weeks to boost their offerings through ads on Instagram and Facebook.

Diversify his repertoire and use different ad formats, inserting them in the news feed in the right sidebar of Facebook, Instagram etc.

But be sure to do it on the day of Black Friday! How many people announces the date, the competition is high and the cost per click ( CPC ) tends to be much more expensive.

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3. Create an event on Facebook

Create an event in style save the date on Facebook and spread it on the fanpage that his followers confirm presence. Thus, they will be notified when offers started.

Through the page, you can also send other notifications to go warming your potential buyers. Take the opportunity to show the products that will be discounted on Black Friday.

A good example this year is the event created by Lojas Americanas .

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4. Update the covers of their pages on social networks

Now is a good time to change the photos cover and profile of their social networks with a striking art.

Enjoy the features of Facebook, for example, embed videos on the cover image and point of his followers.

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5. Set the date as an item in the site menu

Enter a Black Friday link to your site menu. It should take a page containing all their offerings to date.

This is a good way of spreading the Black Friday because everyone who visits your site will know that you will participate in promotions.

6. Make you some offers with Black Friday price

We spoke earlier in the post which is almost Black Friday. But in some online stores, the date already began in earnest.

These ecommerces extended the date for the entire month of November, calling it Black or Black Month November and disseminating offers discounted advance.

7. Give option for customers favoritarem products

An action that can be very interesting for customers of your ecommerce is to give opportunity to them to create a list of favorite products.

The action works as a kind of warning. Once the price of the product download, the customer is notified by email.

Some great ecommerces as the US, offer these options through its own application.

If your shop does not have an application, but can still give this alternative to the client within the site or create landing pages targeted to different product categories.

8. Send an email campaign with pre-offers

If you open the Black Friday shopping only on November 24, you can send an email in the coming days with their most attractive offers for people to know in advance and are programmed.

The RD Station has some models of customizable Email Marketing for Black Friday. Check out:

black friday - template email marketing rd station black friday - template email marketing rd station black friday - template email marketing rd station black friday - template email marketing rd station

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9. Schedule your Email Marketing campaigns for the day of Black Friday

Produce your email text and schedule them from now on. It is interesting to use strong, and striking colors to match the appeal that the date is.

In addition, another strategic point of Black Friday are the schedules. Evaluate what is more interesting. It may be midnight from Thursday to Friday; Thursday night; Friday early morning.

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10. Place an exit pop-up on your website

Output pop-ups (or exit intent pop-ups) are only triggered when the visitor takes the mouse out of the page navigation area. They are perfect to make an irresistible offer, which do not let you leave empty-handed.

The Black Friday, so it’s a great opportunity to install an exit pop-up on your website. Offer a good discount, certainly your visitor will click.

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11. Publish and Promote Your Landing Page of Black Friday

If you have not created a Landing Page for Black Friday in advance, do it today.

This is a cool way to create urgency and to draw attention to the offers.

The RD Station has a special Landing Page template and customizable for Black Friday. See the image below:

black friday - Landing Page Template

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Bonus: have a success plan

The Black Friday is coming and we hope these quick tips will help your business to sell more that it is one of the most profitable dates for the Brazilian e-commerce.

And you do not forget any detail of your campaign, we recommend that you make a success plan, which is nothing more than a checklist with the necessary actions that your business needs to do.

In the RD Station, we create a successful plan focused for Black Friday. It is a feature within the platform and can be customized according to the objectives of each company.

Check out an example:

success plan black friday

The RD Station has a period of free tests for you to experience the features that we mention in this post (success plan, Email Marketing, Landing Page, automation, pop-ups, ads on Facebook and more).

To experience the platform, just visit

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