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Glamy SEO offers SEO services for companies at affordable prices. Thanks to a specialized team of certified SEO experts.

We are a professional company dealing in search engine optimization, based in Tamilnadu, India and also based in the USA. USA, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and Singapore.

We work with the best consultants in the industry, who also focus on providing SEO training. Thanks to favorable prices and packages, we offer optimization of websites to guarantee the best rankings of organic results. Our success stories about SEO optimization have made us reputable suppliers in the field of digital marketing.

Local SEO

To perform a local seo, the agency uses tools related to the latest trends.

Website analysis

We conduct an in-depth website analysis to provide feedback on all activities related to handling and blocking SEO practices that have been used so far.

Competition analysis

We thoroughly analyze the strategies of your potential competitors. Thanks to this we can get to know the opportunities and threats that you can meet.

Keyword analysis

We conduct a detailed survey and add competitive keywords to the list of specific search terms, understanding their perspectives.

Generate more traffic

Look authentic and handy so that potential customers generate traffic on the site. We plan to attract organic traffic to your website.

Conversion of the growth page

We use proven and effective techniques to increase the sales of your site. Visitors to your site will not leave your site in a few seconds.

Improve your website ranking

We focus on the latest trends to provide guaranteed and real SEO services to renew your site’s ranking in the SERP.

Reputation management

We help build, manage and protect the company’s reputation in a way that increases strength and reduces weaknesses.


Identify search engine optimization options on your website with our consulting services and stay up to date with improvements.

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Brand awareness

Create brand awareness to promote your business so that potential customers can get to know your product and services.

Why SEO is important for every website?

Improve your rankings

Improve the user experience

Increase your credibility

Generate leads