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4 Steps to evaluate and qualify your leads improving your sales process

  You qualify a potential customer comes to gather all the insights necessary to decide whether or not good prospect Is it to sell a certain […]

The 15 lifestyle apps that are (or will be) fashionable

Want to track your packages with one swipe? Now you can. Do you have to divide a complicated account? It will no longer take 10 minutes […]

What is the ideal extension for articles in a blog?

How many words are necessary to tell a good story? If you also concerned about the size of online articles, quiet, you’re not alone. I promise […]

Free psychology guide for marketing specialists: 3 lessons of buyer behavior

16 digital marketing trends for 2016

Why 2017 was the year of the bots [video]

Last week, while using chat a website for customer service, I noticed something surprising:  I could not realize if talking to a person or a bot. […]