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Basic guide to develop a remarkable brand identity

9 Ways to create content by recycling articles from your blog

Today, marketers feel the pressure to produce more and more content to improve visibility; In addition, the content should be easy to read, interesting and worth […]

Why silence could be your best negotiating tactic

I was recently asked you what my favorite trading story of my career in sales. I can not say the name of the customer for a […]

Tips to manage your brand’s online reputation

Like it or not, as soon as your website is available on the network lifecycle of your online reputation you are underway. This is a very […]

4 Things that make you sleepy if you have a marketing agency

Having your own business is the dream of many, but no matter which sector will come with a series challenges and difficulties both financial, organizational, recruitment […]

Create chemistry with your clients and get more sales with personality tests

Personality tests are not new, Plato and Hippocrates wrote about the four “humors” or “moods”. In the 1920s the Type Indicator Myers-Briggs developed. At present, each […]