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The secret to mastering mobile searches: check out Maryna Hradovich’s tips from SEMrush at Studio RD Summit

The VP of growth and development of SEMRush , Maryna Hradovich came to RD Summit with a lofty goal: to teach participants the secret – or […]

How to advertise on Google and YouTube: Complete tutorial

Be present on Google is no longer vanity, but necessity! Many researches and answers are on the internet, so why not take advantage of this demand […]

Google Analytics: what it is and how to do the initial setup

If you reached this article, you probably already have a website and perhaps already have Google Analytics installed on your pages. But if you’re new to […]

SEO Tip # 22: Generate links with mentions to your brand and the strategic terms for your company

External links are still one of the main Google rankeamento factors and get them is one of the main objectives of a strategy  SEO . Most […]

Website speed on mobile devices will be a ranking factor for Google

  Google announced a novelty that reinforces the importance of investing in your site’s loading speed: from July 2018, page speed is a ranking factor for […]

SEO Tip # 24: Remove bad links to your site (also known as toxic links) with the Disavow Links tool

Receive links from directories, low quality sites or making practices black hat , for example, can make your site lose relevance and to receive a punishment […]