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How to create a post on the LinkedIn posting platform

One of the great strengths of Digital Marketing is the ability to work in highly targeted communication channels that allow a relationship with a much more […]

Why it matters and how to set up a privacy policy for your site

To build trust and demonstrate credibility and transparency to its users is recommended that your site has a privacy policy visible, that explains how the information […]

How to Make Ads on LinkedIn Ads: The Complete Walkthrough

To advertise on LinkedIn you need to set an ad account on the social network. Among the possibilities for advertising on LinkedIn, the most common ad […]

RDicas # 04 – How Google Works

Do you know which is the method that Google uses to give people the best search results? And how can you take advantage of that knowledge […]

Thank You Page: what is it, what are your goals and how to make a

In our Leads . Usually after this conversion, the new “Lead” is redirected to some other page, whether the home page of the site, the material […]

Creating a good ad in AdWords

  What is Google AdWords? Google AdWords is the platform announcements and main source of Google ‘s revenue. In AdWords advertiser itself develops your ads and […]