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Is it worth using images in blog posts?

A discussion I’ve seen on some blogs, both in Brazil and outside, is whether it is worthwhile or not to include images in a blog post. […]

Content Upgrade: How to produce posts with high conversion rates + 6 tips and real examples

Before starting, I would like to ask a question: do you know what a blog the conversion rate of your company? We know that, first of […]

What Are The Best Tools For Long Tail Keywords?

TOOLS TO FIND LONG TAIL KEYWORDS The long tail keywords are the natural evolution of SEO . Little by little they have been conquering the online world, although […]

SEO tip # 26: Do not use black hat techniques

We can define black hat techniques as aggressive SEO that do not follow the guidelines of search engines and try to manipulate its rules, in order […]

How many visits does my site need to succeed?

Analyze results and metrics is always an interpretation exercise. After all, how do you know if those indicators are good? Of course, good results do not […]

Website speed on mobile devices will be a ranking factor for Google

  Google announced a novelty that reinforces the importance of investing in your site’s loading speed: from July 2018, page speed is a ranking factor for […]