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How to put into practice the learning you had at events

  When we talk about events in Brazil, where we have two types of views: people who love and will in all events and people who […]

Rock Day: a Zeppelian approach to the Shopping Journey

Today, July 13, is the Rock Day. The more used to the genre grandeur and inflated egos, even to walk in low and produces no new […]

Top Reasons to Invest in Media Buying and Speed Up Your Results with Inbound Marketing

  Media buying has become increasingly common in strategies Inbound Marketing companies. One of the main reasons is the low organic range of publications, especially on […]

Facebook Ads with less segmentation: data from third parties, such as Serasa, can no longer be used

  In a brief statement on its news blog , Facebook announced that it will cut the Partner Categories of ad possibilities. The measure is a […]

What are spam traps and how do they degrade their deliverability?

Spam traps (or, in Portuguese, spam traps) are, in general, email accounts nonexistent or inactive that email providers – like Gmail, Hotmail etc. – use to […]

Facebook Polls: know the news that lets you do surveys using GIFs and photos

For Facebook, 2017 has been a year of investment in polls format. Recently, for example, the company released adhesives format questionnaire that can be used in […]