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Why Invest in Digital Marketing: 5 Excellent Reasons

Already more than 3 billion people connected to the Internet worldwide. And in Brazil, the proportion is similar: with 120 million people online , we are […]

Know 12 SEO technical mistakes and how to fix them

More and more companies have invested in content creation as part of its strategy Leads . A great way to be able to increase traffic to […]

8 Tips on How to Build a Good Leads Generation Form

One of the essential components of a Leads qualified (potential customers) is the capture form . Many people spend a tremendous effort to put together an […]

Business WhatsApp: Check out the details of the corporate version of the app

Good news for those who use WhatsApp in business was announced. The company announced on its official blog , on September 5, 2017, a version of […]

Is it possible to generate Leads with videos on Youtube?

Yes! The answer is simple and straightforward, and it may be much easier than it seems. All you need, however, is a video, a YouTube channel […]

What I learned covering three RD events on Instagram

In 2017, I was scheduled to cover three events Digital Results: RD On the Road in Belo Horizonte and Sao Paulo and RD Partner Day. I […]