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Web Personalization: What Is It And Why Is It So Important?

Web personalization,  and personalization in the web ,  is a mission critical activities of marketing  to generate results for your business and also to deliver the […]

How to advertise on Instagram Ads: the complete walkthrough

To advertise Instagram you need to create an account on the Facebook ad platform. You do not need an account on Instagram, but it’s recommended as […]

14 powerful habits for bloggers and editors to produce better

There are good habits and bad habits. What differs from each other? It varies greatly according to the profession. But specifically for bloggers and writers, there […]

7 foolproof tips on conversion optimization

Optimize a conversion page is now one of the main points of leverage of marketing professionals and at the same time, it is an area that […]

The Story of Customer Success and the Future of Customer Service

  You know what was the first sale of the world? Well, actually it was an exchange. In the early days of human history was common […]

How to Use Empathy in Negotiations

Psychologically, empathy is the ability to feel what another person feels if he were in the same situation experienced by her, that is, try looking in […]