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Why Educate Your Customer With Digital Marketing is Important

We often see companies creating amazing products, spending good amounts on advertising and yet, things do not work out. The client can not realize the value […]

How to Generate Leads on Every Digital Marketing Channel

When it comes to digital marketing , it is impossible not to mention Lead generation and Lead. This is the main strategy to create business opportunities […]

ROI: what it is, how and why to calculate Return on Investment [+ free calculator]

(ROI stands for Return On Investment) is literally the return on investment metric used to know how much the company earned from investments, such as paid […]

[Tutorial full] How to make an infographic in 5 simple steps

“This business of having to produce content and still edit the material is too complicated” . I heard this phrase in several versions over my work […]

How Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Algorithms Work

Five billion, five hundred million and sixty million: these are the total of new posts a day on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram respectively. Them are information […]

Content for the Funnel Top: what are the ideal formats and how to produce them

A challenge for companies seeking new customers for your products and services is to produce appropriate content to publish on the website, blog and other channels. […]