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MVP: How to use this concept to validate an idea and grow with market feedback

  So you had a great idea and want to take, right? One of the best known methodologies for the development of products and services is […]

How to manage your company’s social networks

Be present in social networks is no longer a differentiator for any company. Currently, those who are prominent in social media are companies that see the […]

LinkedIn Expands Ad Targeting Options with Matched Audiences Tool

You already use LinkedIn to generate business for your company? Corporate social network, recently acquired by Microsoft, continues to develop its solutions to advertisers. Here on […]

[Infographic] What sizes of images for social networks?

There are several elements that must be thought before making a post on a social network. One such element is the image. The image is a […]

35 news on social networks that impacted the Digital Marketing market in 2017

2017 was a year of many new features on social networks, and publish on many of them here on the blog. If you missed any news […]

Hard bounce and soft bounce of email: what are they and how to reduce them?

The concepts of hard and soft bounce bounce are among the most important in the entire glossary of Email Marketing . The bounce directly impacts the […]