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What is CMS and what is its relevance

CMS or Content Management System , is a cluster of features and tools that are used to make it easier to create a website. Although the […]

How to build a virtual store

With the advance that the internet has had today, people who are not connected are far from all that is happening in the world. From banal […]

Improving site performance – using progressive JPEG images

One of the crucial tasks in website optimization that some people tend to forget are the images. In one of our guides, we learn how to […]

How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website in 9 Easy Steps

Studies show that people do not have patience when they are on the Internet. Approximately 25% of people abandon a web page that does not load […]

How to create a blog in WordPress

Creating a blog on WordPress? It seems simple to answer this question, is not it? However, once someone ventures into the world of WordPress , quickly […]

AMP WordPress – What It Is and How to Set It Right

According to a study conducted by Google, more than 50% of searches carried out in the world are made by mobile devices. That’s why your priority […]