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How to migrate your Wix site to WordPress

In this walkthrough, we will assist with the process of migrating to WordPress Wix . If the Wix no longer meets your needs and you need […]

How to fix and eliminate JavaScript and CSS render locks in WordPress

The speed of a website is one of the most important factors in attracting and retaining visitors. If all other factors are equal, a faster site […]

Why your site needs Schema Markup and how to add it in WordPress

When we talk about SEO , there are several things that you need to do it right. First, you have to worry about the features onsite […]

How to install Java on Ubuntu 16.04

In this tutorial, we’ll show how to install Java on a VPS Ubuntu 16:04. You will also learn how to set up an initial variable Java […]

User onboarding: drive your customer to success

Earlier this year the Conpass conducted a survey of people linked to startups and technology companies to measure the perception of these professionals regarding user onboarding. […]

WooCommerce Vs. Shopify: Which E-commerce platform to choose

You want to create, you are creating or considering the idea of ​​creating an e-commerce, E-commerce. If this sounds a good idea for you, this comparison […]