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How to understand the traffic sources of your website?

In order to design an effective Digital Marketing Strategy, it is necessary from the analysis of what you have until now. Without a history of data […]

Do You Need a Tactical or Digital Marketing Strategy?

First, you know the difference between Tactics or Digital Marketing Strategy. And now, let’s face it? The Online Marketing is always more fashion today. As it […]

Preparing my e-commerce for Christmas sales!

For trade, the holiday season is the most awaited time, they are two months that can “save” a whole year of work.   It begins in […]

5 Tips to Advertise with LinkedIn Results

LinkedIn is the social network indicated specifically for B2B type of relations (Business to Business). This means that communication and interaction here are very different than […]

Why is it important to work on AdWords memorial dates?

Anniversaries can boost your business! Seasonal dates are in the market buzzing! The ideal is to be present to consumers at the time they are thinking […]

How do I advertise the products on Google Shopping?

We will show step by step how to advertise products on Google Shopping! Did you know that with the use of Adwords, Google Shopping, you can […]