Audio posts: how we use narrated content to improve engagement with the audience

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How many times have you opened a link and not consumed content on time?

How many times you saved your article to read later and left the link on the reading list of limbo?

By the way, how many links of your reading list or bookmarks you open then?

There are many reasons not to consume content at the very moment we open the link.

It may be that the content is, yes, interesting, but not so much to stop another activity. And the problem is not necessarily the quality of the content. It may be a situation where the person is.

At a time when we are seeking more and more to achieve high levels of productivity , many people live in an eternal time optimization challenge.

One of those ways is to optimize the time in the form of content consumption.

Content is not only what you are reading.

Content is also the video you watched on YouTube. The infographic shared on social networks . And the audio player that is at the beginning of this post.

And it is on this latter content format that will speak hereafter.

It is the content that can be consumed while the user is performing another activity. It can be cooking, driving, working out or doing other action that could prevent the consumption of content in text form. After all, just because we have your hands full, do not mean we can not use the time to develop.

The radio is a lot. It gives people a way to consume content while they perform manual activities.

On the Internet, we see the growth of podcasts . But even if your company does not yet make podcasts, content can do in simpler audio, such as the stories of posts.

Offer the content of your company in audio format has a number of advantages. The first is the diversification of content type. Many people prefer to read, many prefer to watch, many prefer to listen. With this new option, you hit the person with the format she likes.

Basically, there are five great benefits for a company to offer posts with narration. Are they:

  1. To help those who have difficulty reading
  2. To get even closer to the hearing
  3. For people consume content while performing other activities
  4. To make the most humanized audio
  5. To generate Leads

6 learnings we had in RD by offering posts with narration

Since January 2017 we are making available the audio option in some posts. We use the platform of our partners Vooozer for it.

The great advantage of using the platform is that all audio is narrated by people . That is, they are not used robotic and unnatural voices in the accounts.

narrated audios have emotions, intonation and pauses that cause content to be absorbed and understood much more easily than automatic narrations.

After 8 months of experience, 31 stories of posts (including this one) and 1 audiobook, we come across some results:

1. Comments praising the audio option on posts

One of the best ways to know if the content is or is not being helpful to the audience is the box comments .

We received some very nice feedback on posts that have the built-in player.

audio posts

audio posts

2. Shares and comments on social networks citing the audio option

Another way to measure whether the content was useful to the public are the shares. When a person shares your content it is actually promoting your business. That is, the content made a difference and impact that person.

A curiosity we noticed was people sharing the posts of RD highlighting not only the content, but the format.

audio posts

audio posts

audio posts

3. value generated for the audience to offer the alternative format

By placing the audio player in some posts, we allow people to interact with the Digital results in situations where it was not possible before.

audio posts

4. Leads generated from the audio player

After tasting the format and reap positive feedbacks of the stories, we begin to use the player also to generate Leads.

The very Vooozer platform has integrated this functionality to the RD Station . Thus, a simple email filling (yes, only the email in this case is enough) “unlocks” the option for the user to hear the audio.

At the time of writing this post, email miniformulário is active for 40 days. During this period, they were generated 1.042 Leads .


5. The first audiobook DR

After the publication of 31 posts with narration, we decided to take one more stride and test a new content format: an audiobook.

For this, we made the relaunch thank you page a choice of two formats: eBook in PDF and MP3 audio.

After the first week of the relaunch, we had 2,503 clicks on PDF, 2,021 clicks to download the MP3 and 796 plays in streaming.


6. And the numbers?

Finally, I would like to share some trivia and statistics. In terms of data, some results that we collected were:

  • 10903/2 content in audio and 1028314/2 playback. That is, with 3 hours of content visitors were engaged for 286 hours .
  • The multiplier factor is the content of 95: for every 1 minute of distributed content, it generates 95 minutes of engagement.
  • 5.7% of unique visitors clicked on the player;
  • 1.6% of unique visitors heard the audio by the end;
  • On average, when someone experiences the post audio there is a chance of 28% of the person listening to the content to the end;
  • More than 1,000 Leads generated via player Vooozer.

These figures show that the audio content has been well adopted by our audience.

Speaking of which, have you heard any audio content here on the blog Digital results? What do you think? Liked? Can we improve? Leave a comment below to continue the conversation.🙂