As the Triângulo Mineiro found in web hosting a solution for growth

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The News Triangle is a portal of news Patos de Minas – MG, created in 2017 with the mission to bring quality content to the mining population and began the project with a shared web hosting.

In March the site was launched and before one month in the air have reached over 100 thousand accesses. This was an indication that it was necessary to migrate the site to a more powerful server that can handle this traffic.

In this article you will understand how a news portal in addition to improving performance, also tripled traffic to upgrade the service of web hosting .

The need for a VPS Server

By May 2017, it was used shared hosting account Lélis Felix Souza, news director. Over time, problems began to emerge “At times of access peaks, the site came to fall causing inconvenience to users,” he says.

Another difficulty was the slow sending files and information to the platform. A slow site compromises rankeamento on Google and can bring a lot of damage to an online entrepreneur.

The solution using hosting sites

To migrate from an HTML site to PHP, Felix did market research to find a web hosting company. “After analyzing the top ten options, closed with Hostinger offering a quality service at a fair price.”

Migration to a VPS, Virtual Private Server, recommended for medium and large projects, had the service free migration of Hostinger.

“The technicians did all the file transfer process and database and in less than three days our site was already operating on the new system,” says the director.


With the new system in the air, Triangle News optimized the working time with the ability to simultaneously work within the platform, how to post news.

The speed on the contents of shooting brought increased productivity for the mining portal. Another solution was compared to the loading site that has become faster.

“Today our team can work with a single purpose, to produce journalistic content. The technical part, which was previously a concern, has become a source of great pride. “

With the change from a shared hosting for a VPS , the results were reflected in numbers. In May 2017, the company had 132,812 hits in October and was recorded more than 300,000 visits to the site. Altogether there are 2 million hits and a range of 500 000 people.

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