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Often, several questions come to our mind when it comes to the supervision of the site itself. Independent if this is a blog, business site or even a sales site, currently known as the famous e-commerce . 

Anyone who is minimally concerned about your site, always concerned with how many hits he’s getting. How it is being ranked higher by Google’s search engine. If you are the first, second or twenty page of search results.

And especially, as the user is viewing the site. If being displayed correctly, the mobile version of the website has responsive design.

They are all commonly asked questions, and strangely enough, also has an extremely simple solution: The Google Search Console .

See this tutorial how to provide access to Google Search Console

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Google Search Console

After all, who could be better to indicate that your site is being properly accessed or displayed to users who use Google as a search engine than Google itself?

This tool offers a complete monitoring of your entire web site, indicating the various pros and cons of it. In addition to providing access statistics as a source having the same Google search engine itself.

And the best part, you do not have the need to conduct a thorough inspection page by page of your site, and that component check the component code HTML or pass several times of style sheets CSS ! Ufa….

Just need programming the site access procedure. Indicating the robots Google which pages you want to be accessed and in which directories they are.

And let them do the inspection for you. If something wrong or any possible improvement to be located by them, you will be informed by a report in the tool itself via a message sent instantly by email depending on the severity of the situation, or will simply be notified in the use of the same panel.

You may be thinking, “But how all this information and statistics can help me?”

Easy! 🙂

You may be packing up the pages and / or directories that are not having maximum efficiency. You can correct bugs or errors that are happening without you noticing.

It is instantly issued a safety report if any malware attack your site or if someone tries to invade it. On top of that, visually exposes a simple and easy way to understand how your site up in rankeamento.

This information is very important in an SEO project. Learn more about website optimization !

Google Search Console

“And what exactly will help me fix many problems indicated by Google?”

When you ask your site to be accessed by the Google Search Console , besides being listed the problems he detected is assigned a grade for your site. It will be 0 to 100, according to performance.

The nearest 100 as your site is evaluated, the better. Closer to a “perfect” or “standardization” Google your site will be.

Overall, the evaluation of your website is good when it is reached or surpassed the mark of 80 points.

“That Cool! And how do I go up the note ?? “

Just you pack the points indicated by the Google Search Console performance analysis performed by the same in PageSpeed Insights . Causing the note is assigned, is the result of its effort to optimize your site!

Learn more about PageSpeed Insights here!

With so much data for statistical and monitoring, can be even better?

Of course you can!

The function of the Google Webmaster Tools is not only providing reports for the purpose of improvement and optimization of the site. Through it, you can also facilitate the customer’s view of your site time to research it, for example.

Using a feature offered by the platform that lets make it clear to the customer about what your site is really about!

And how?

Using means that are aimed at making a better presentation of your website on google search page for the user. Inserting in it a short description of its content, applying prominent major titles by page returned survey.

It does not stop there! Disseminating product images offered by your site or images that are related to the contents.

If you offer an X service, may indicate on the same search page yet, as customers who have used their service are feeling related to it, through an assessment that will be made available in the search screen, which can attract several possible customers to your business, demonstrating how satisfied they are with their service or their service via website.

Google Search Console

Okay, we’ve closed on the Google Search Console then, right?


One of several other interesting feature of the Google Search Console , still facing the part of users is to show the traffic of your website.

Who is accessing and how are accessing, for example. If by search results that have been made available. It is displayed based on keywords that you previously defined for your site. From where are accessing, if your site has a generic domain, without specifying which country. In an extension “.uk” for example in the case of a Brazilian website.

How to choose keywords for your site ?

I hope that at the end of this post now, you are willing to evaluate your site and go around making improvements on the same basis as found!

After all, if a word defines the use of this tool is the ease with which all these data, statistics and resources are offered in order to improve your site’s performance.

And consecutively increased traffic it is receiving when you start to be ranked higher by Google in their search pages from search results related to the users. Taking into account the keywords that you set for your site to be filtered.  

Now you understand that the Google Webmaster Tools is a complete tool easy to use that can certainly help a lot in your site to grow and be better searched on Google, helping also the wider dissemination of their service and / or products. Want to learn to use it? click here for a tutorial step by step.

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