Advice for agencies: How to make your clients successful with Inbound Marketing?

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Are all companies ready to integrate Inbound Marketing strategy?

The answer is no.

Many companies are currently using the Inbound Marketing as an effective strategy in achieving increased web traffic, increased customer satisfaction, increased profitability or superior to that generated by traditional marketing strategies ROI. The advantages of Inbound Marketing are many very effective but, for companies not yet implemented this methodology, the subject is entirely new.

And the fact of proposing such a business strategy that is not ready for it can lead to frustration and the risk of losing a customer rather than win it. Therefore, before deciding to pursue a strategy of Inbound Marketing to a customer, you must validate whether the company is prepared to integrate a new strategy.

How to identify if your client is ready to implement Inbound Marketing?

To recognize whether the company prepared to integrate Inbound in your marketing strategy and sales must meet the following requirements:

  • Have clear objectives as to what we want to achieve by implementing the Inbound Marketing.
  • Agree a long-term commitment.
  • Show that there is a willingness to abandon traditional marketing techniques, and migrate to the Inbound methodology.
  • Be willing to educate and share knowledge with users quality.
  • Having a budget and resources for Inbound Marketing.
  • Alignment with the leader or executive on indicators to measure results and return on investment equipment.

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Once validated the client, these are 8 steps to integrate Inbound Marketing as the primary growth strategy for your client:

1. Define the objectives of the company : You should know if the company wants to launch a new product or service, improve its image and positioning, reach new customers and retain those who already have.

2. Identify the ideal client:   What is the profile of the Buyer Person or ideal company to offer what you are looking for or need customer. Understand their interests, motivations, values. Know your Buyer Journey and align the path with the client to achieve success. This is a key point because it is very important to define for whom you write and when the Buyer Journey is the client.

3. Create content of value : the ideal client Once defined, the success of your strategy for Inbound Marketing will be able to generate interesting content for the client. That is what will make you visit the web, looking for you. Provide valuable content on a regular basis and distribute it in the proper channels generates a very beneficial commitment to the company and help you be more successful in its industry and among its competition.

The content should be interesting, visual, clear, inspiring the customer. Do not write only about the company, its products or services. It is necessary to share quality content that goes beyond the storytelling of the company. Think about the content you want to read the customer and not the content that you are interested in posting to the company. And pay attention to titles, meta descriptions and keywords to get good positioning of the posts.

4. Design a multichannel strategy: Identify why customers prefer to interact channels of the company (blog, social networking, e-mail …) and offer them valuable content through them. To succeed in Inbound Marketing strategy, it is necessary to integrate the different channels to deliver the right content in the right place at the optimum time.

5. Customize and reviews strategy: As you know the ideal customers of the company can customize messages based on your specific needs. Lifecycle customer goes through different stages and content should fit your individual Buyer Journey.

6. Get the customer data: We must transform users to attract clients and this starts getting your data. The best strategy is to show on the web or blog calls to appeal to customers let us their data in exchange for free content high value – added action.

7. Create offers premium content: It   offers customers guides, e-books, webinars, white papers free download in exchange for your data and always aligned with the phase of the Journey Buyers in which they are.

8. Evaluate the investment of time and cost : All Inbound Marketing strategy requires perseverance, commitment and regularity. It is necessary to evaluate the investment of time and resources within the agency itself and to assess the subcontracting or outsourcing all or part of the strategy to companies specialized in this type of marketing.

Planning and executing a good strategy Inbound Marketing will you certainly contribute to the success of your customers. This will translate into:

  • Increased recognition, positioning and reputation of the company or brand creating and sharing interesting content quality for its customers.
  • Increased sales of quality thanks to the identification of ideal clients who will become sales opportunities.
  • Creating a segment of loyal customers and fans of the brand, which act as promoters of the services and products of the company.

With the implementation of Inbound Marketing, work with your customers becomes much more strategic, where the main objective is growth .

Agency’s success will be the result of the success of your customers and their relationship changed from being a customer-supplier relationship client-partner.