9 Ways to create content by recycling articles from your blog

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Today, marketers feel the pressure to produce more and more content to improve visibility; In addition, the content should be easy to read, interesting and worth sharing. However, maintaining a flow of publications on the blog constant and good quality time-consuming. 

The solution to this problem is not writing articles more often of lower quality, but exactly the opposite: you must devote more time to research and write interesting content and the best possible quality.

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The key is to optimize your time after posting the content. Make the most of all the work you did reusing the content of your blog in different ways. If you distribute quality content on different platforms, you’ll attract more visitors to your website and increase your chances of converting them into customers.

Here are some practices you can adopt to repurpose your blog articles and thus capture a more engaged audience. We’ve included some useful tips so you can get going from now.

9 Ways to create recycling items from your blog content

1) Email Newsletters

Mail newsletters (also known as newsletters email ) are an excellent resource to keep in touch with avid readers of your blog. In the past, companies used this platform to distribute its new products or solicit subscribers who make a purchase. The methodology recommends inbound completely banish this outdated strategy.

On the contrary, instead of asking readers to perform an action, you must take advantage of every new opportunity to continue adding value. The next time you send an email to your list of subscribers, calls attention being extremely generous. A great method to deliver value to your subscribers is to reuse the content of your blog in an email. Not everyone will have time to visit your blog every time you post a new article. But if you send them mail a short excerpt from your publication in the latest blog and follow an easy link, you’ll increase traffic to that article.

additional advice

Create timeless content. The timeless content has no expiration date; It is as relevant now as it will be in 6 or even 12 months. This means you can send to your subscribers 6 or 12 months after it is released and prolong its life.


Ian Cleary of Social Razor has perfected this technique. Here you can see a screenshot of an email I received from him recently. Ian simply include a link to your publication in the most recent blog, accompanied by a brief summary of the content and benefits of that article. Use short sentences, one very specific call to action, and all the words used are intended to help the reader (rather than promote your company). Simple, but brilliant.


2) Publications in social networks

According to a survey conducted by Social Media Examiner , 92% of marketing professionals ensures that social networks are important to their businesses.

Write a well-documented publication in the blog allows you to have a lot of content to you. In all that content, there are surely many quotes, questions or interesting phrases that you could use to share your blog on social networks.

Often people share the same header of your blog again and again in all social networks. This tactic bore your followers and, eventually, end up filtering your publications, even unconsciously. This not only reduces the interaction, but also alienates people who do not identify with the title of the original blog.

By reusing the maximum capacity of the content of your blog on social networks, not just the header, you generate a flow of diverse content that your audience can easily re-share.

additional advice

Here are some tools that you could use to easily reuse blog content on social networks:

  1. Inbox social networks . If you use HubSpot, you can use the input tray tool Social Networks to schedule tweets promoting your articles on the blog in bulk. Here are the instructions to do so .
  2. Buffer . If you do not use HubSpot, program a series of publications Buffer for the two weeks following the publication of a new article. Buffer allows you to distribute content in different social networks.
  3. ClickToTweet . ClickToTweet helps you create a unique link that will allow readers to share the content of your article. Click  here  to see a publication on how to generate links to your content ClickToTweet.
  4. WordPress plugin Revive Old Post . If you use WordPress for your blog, you can set options for older publications regularly share in certain social networks. It is a fully automated and very easy to set up process.

3) Retransmission of blog posts

There is an ongoing debate about the validity of the rebroadcasting of blogs. Basically, the rebroadcasting of blogs is a way to include the content of your blog on a website with heavy traffic, after it posted on your page.

Google already publicly spoke out against the duplicate content and publishing blogs guest for external links. However, if you do it properly, rebroadcast of the blog can further increase your online visibility to the right people (especially if you are just starting and do not attract much organic traffic).

When you make the rebroadcasting of your blog, be sure to choose a reputable site that will help you attract your ideal audience. It also asks the owner or the editor that includes a canonical tag your blog article to search engines like Google can recognize posting on your site as the original.


Jeff Bullas is a recognized marketing professional redifusiona of the content of your blog using the LinkedIn publishing platform. Your best article was originally published LinkedIn on his blog: Why Should you forget Facebook (why you should forget about Facebook).

4) Presentations SlideShare

SlideShare is like YouTube, but instead of video, hosting presentations. It is a channel that many marketers overlook and has a large number of followers. By reusing a publication of the blog as a presentation on SlideShare, you turn to a new audience. These presentations can also be embedded on other blog sites (like a YouTube video), making it easy for people to share your content.

additional advice

Prepare a presentation on SlideShare is much simpler than most people think. If ever created a PowerPoint presentation, you already have many of the skills you need to work on SlideShare. This tool allows you to upload a PowerPoint or PDF.

A recent partnership with Haiku Deck SlideShare gives users the ability to create online presentations ready for use. If you’re not an expert in PowerPoint, this is a good choice for you. However, if you want to have complete control over the creative process, you may find some limitations with this technology.


HubSpot has more than 31,000 subscribers in its SlideShare channel . Check out your account to get ideas and excellent presentations.

5) Videos

Creating videos is not as difficult as it was before, and users choose this means of communication increasingly. Use videos to improve your visibility, interviewing experts or teach your audience how to do something in particular. Here are some examples of the types of blog posts that could turn into videos:

  • explanatory publications.
  • Interviews with experts.
  • Checklists.
  • Processes step by step.

additional advice

You do not have to spend a fortune to create video content in high quality. IPhone camera records good quality videos. People who do not have much knowledge production will not notice the small differences between a video created with an iPhone and other filmed with a more expensive digital camera. In addition, combining your work with GorillaPod tripod  and editing program easy to use video as iMovie, and will create attractive video content almost without realizing it.


If you want to inspire you with frequent, high-quality video, these are some of my favorites:

6) Ebooks

In the past, they ebooks online used to be generating revenue for many businesses and bloggers. People paid for a set of resources that could be downloaded as a booklet. Inbound marketing has changed that expectation. Now customers expect this type of content is free or, at most, are willing to exchange their email address for the material.

Ebooks are no longer a source of revenue for online businesses. Instead, they are an effective way to expand your list of email addresses and convert your readers into customers means. Therefore, it is essential to create an ebook quickly and with little budget. Try writing a series of blog posts on the same topic and then collect all these items in a book, with an introduction and a conclusion.

additional advice

If you do not have knowledge of graphic design nor budget to hire a designer, remember that you can use PowerPoint to create your next ebook. In the library HubSpot marketing , you will find ebooks with excellent designs that can inspire you


Ebook Robbie Richards 17 explosive content promotion strategies (17 exceptional promotion strategies content) is a perfect example of how to develop extremely useful content with a limited budget. 

7) Templates and checklists

Have you ever read a blog post that I found very useful, but ultimately not’ve implemented any of its recommendations? It has happened to me. If you make an article in a template or a checklist (PDF), it is more likely that readers take action from your advice.

In this way, they can download and print your suggestions in a tangible format. If you also add to the download design elements and unique style of your brand, it is very likely that your recommendations are installed permanently in the office of the readers. Like ebooks, templates and checklists they are relatively easy to create. They also help you greatly expand your list of email addresses, as you can include an email subscription option for all users who want to download.

additional advice

If you want to do it yourself, you can use Adobe Illustrator to create your checklists and templates in PDF. Otherwise, you can hire a designer at a good price on sites like Elance .


I made an article I wrote for the blog called Your ultimate blog checklist (list of essential check for a blog) in a PDF file to download. In addition to boosting the growth of my subscribers, it helped reinforce my credibility. All I did was to adapt the content of the article into practical action, develop a visually appealing PDF with Adobe Illustrator, and include my company logo and some other creative elements. If you are interested, you can download the checklist  here .

8) Podcast

The podcast is all the rage today. Many professionals are turning their blogs in a combination of blog and podcast, or seek to influence Internet only through this medium.

However, you do not have to go it alone because the rest does.

If you decide that a podcast is a good choice for you, but you’re not sure what to talk about, try to use your blog topics as a starting point. Maybe you could delve into details some of your articles better performance on a podcast so that your audience would appreciate further information.

additional advice

Odiogo podcast is a tool that has become very popular among marketers around the world. Basically transforms your podcast blog posts and ready with technology text-to-voice. I can not recommend Odiogo because I still have not tried, but did not seem too robotic.


Entrepreneur on Fire  is a podcast by John Lee Dumas. In its first 2 years of work it generated more than $ 2 million in revenue, which makes us think that maybe this fashion podcast is not a bad idea.

9) Webinars

Webinars can be an effective means to maintain audience interest for a certain period average. In addition, geographical and costs associated with live events problems are eliminated. So if you usually mention influential people in the text of your blog articles (and now part of your network), it might be a good idea to participate in a webinar with them.

additional advice

Google+ Hangouts lets you run a video conference or a webinar with a number of people within your circle on a certain date and time. If you want to start developing your first Webinars, this could be a good platform to start. However, note that feedback from users vary as to the stability of the tool if the group of participants is very large.


Diversify your content strategy across platforms is an excellent way to expand your visibility to a new audience. And the best part is that you do not have to spend the entire budget of your company to achieve this. In addition, another benefit of having diversified content is to increase the chances of attracting valuable external links to your website.

So the next time you elaborate an article in the blog with a good research base, take advantage to the fullest. Use some of the recommendations included in this publication to save money and expand your online presence. But be careful not to overreach want: better to specialize in 2 or 3 of these types of content, instead of wanting to use them all.

This article was originally created for HubSpot in English by Will Blunt , founder and contributor Bluewire BloggerSidekick.com Media. 

Do you use other techniques to recycle the content of your blog? Tell us in the comments.