9 tips to optimize your Facebook page for your company

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They ask me all the time. It is essential to have well optimized your Fan Page or Page of your business on Facebook to get the best results and generate organic traffic. Finally your Fan Page becomes like second Homepage or website of your business, especially if it’s online.

Optimizing a website can become very expensive. Optimize your Fan Page it should not be. Here I leave 9 steps to ensure that the Fan Page for your business has a good optimization and get better organic results.

1) Choose the correct name

The name of your Fan Page is probably one of the most important parts to take into account when optimizing your page because once you choose a name, is permanent!

Remember that the first word of the title of your Fan Page is the most significant in the eyes of search engines like Google … and Facebook! That’s why you should choose a word that has to do with your business, industry or products.

Do not choose a very generic word.

Searches for keywords that really represent your business or even the personality of your company. If you choose sports as a keyword, but your business is selling footballs, probably only use football will not generate results.

Not overcrowd your name with keywords . If it is too spammy , people will not want to enter. Looking for words and names that are friendly … and most importantly simple and easy to remember.

2) Customize the URL of your Fan Page

After 25 Likes on your Fan Page, Facebook gives you the ability to create a unique URL or customized. That is, you can change all the numbers that you assigned automatically by a specific name that has to do with your company.

If you are an established business, I advise you never use the generic URL that provides facebook when you open your Fan Page.

If you’re just starting out and still not sure of the name of your company, I advise you to wait a little. You can only change the URL once. So you want to make sure you choose a name that does have to do with the type of business.

URL customize Fan Page

To customize the URL of your Fan Page on Facebook, you’ll help people find you easier and faster to get you on Facebook and external search engines. This will also help generate more organic traffic and tie the content to your page.

3) Pay close attention to the “About Us”

The reality is that your fans or potential customers want to know the details of your business: where you are located, what services they offer, what business hours are, links to your web pages, etc.

We often forget this part of our Fan Page. Take advantage of section About Us to tell a little more about your products and services. Moreover give them a reason why you should buy.

Tips to fill the section:

  1. Make sure you’ve selected the correct category in the type of business to open your Fan Page.
  2. Do not spend more than 155 characters. This will help in the entire description appears correctly in search engines.
  3. It includes links to your homepage, but also includes links to pages directly to your products or services.

Do not make a copy / paste on the short and long description about your business. Take the time to write something that attracts attention and attract potential customers to visit your site to eventually buy.

4) Optimize your Fan Page with keywords

Optimize keywords is key, even on social networks. Make sure the keyword you select the use in the URL, the name of your page, in the section “About Us” and your publications.

The name of your page is the Title Tag in search engines. Imagine that your page name is the title of a website, Meta Description is the name of your page’s section about your business and Headers are the titles and content you post.

The first word is more important than any other.

Keywords Fan Page

We work with a company that does Scrapbooking . It is a very specific market niche. The business owner asked us why we did not leave pages that activity before it. When seeking “Scrapbooking” on Facebook, his page out in eighth place as you can see below.

There Fan Pages that take more than a year without activity or businesses that no longer exist. The only reason why she does not come out above, is that chose as its name the word Scrapbooking Fan Page to the end.

This makes a big difference. Use the keywords of your business to boot!

5) Includes the phone number and address on your Fan Page

This is so simple but often we forget. It is extremely important that you include the phone number and address of your business Fan Page. Now that search engines are prioritizing local searches or prefer more than others.

Includes full address: street, state, zip code, city and country. Also do not forget to include the country code in your phone number. For example, for Guatemala is +502 before the number.

Include this information can help your Fan Page can be better indexed by search engines like Google and faster local searches show up.

6) Optimize your Facebook updates

The first 18 characters of your publications serve as the meta title or description of the SERP’s (search engine results). Take advantage of this and when uploading a publication, do not let the white text.

Include links to your website or a specific product it is also recommended and good practice. In the end, you should always be able to generate content for some specific purpose of your business.

Whenever you upload photos, post events or videos, make sure you take the time and always add text and keywords that go in tune with your content.

7) Backlinks to your fan page on existing channels

The more inbound links you have to your page, you will have greater authority along the lines that use search engines like Google to rank websites.

This principle also applies to your Fan Page.

Be sure to include all your channels connections to your Fan Page on Facebook. In other words, make sure all your social networks and website are connected in some way.

This will help improve the interaction of your pages and have a greater chance of being the first local searches.

8) Create boxes or static tabs with content and static pages long

Have long text within Facebook is complicated because the information that can normally be placed is limited by the number of characters you can write.

Therefore, I recommend creating tabs or boxes additional and customized where you can place additional and static information about your products and services. Here you can include not only text, but images or links that are optimized for your products or services with keywords. This can help increase the authority of your page content density it has.

Additional Tab Homepage


Another tool that is not common to use, is to try to include “Notes” text that are well optimized within your Fan Page. We do not use notes in our Fan Page, but it can be something that works for you if you do not have a website yet.

9) Have a full profile

Finally, just make sure you have a complete profile.

You should have a picture in your profile, a picture on the cover of your Fan Page, and all the boxes in the sections on your entire company. This will help you create more than anything else with your readers and audience credibility.

About Us Homepage Facebook

Take the time to fill out all the boxes you see above with the correct information about your business.


Never say is more than ever looking to optimize your page content to your audience. Your users or potential customers, will always have more importance than any optimization. In the end, there is no better content than people really need.

You look not use keywords just for no reason . Look for words that have to do with your industry that are easy to understand, and obviously help your fans find you more easily and quickly.

Use these 9 tips to enhance the authority of your business Fan Page on Facebook. Increase performance by giving greater visibility, your users experience and thus improve the interaction of your users.

What other strategies to optimize your use your Fan Page on Facebook?