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New technologies are gradually changing the paradigm of selling companies. We have gone from one-way communication, a bidirectional, multidirectional or reaching social communication. 

Much blame for this change is caused by the rise of social networks in our society and the use of mobile technologies. Now the user or potential customer is informed prior to a product, brand or service over the Internet and share their doubts and ratings with other users who are unknown to him.

It is for this that the figure of business as we know it has ceased to occupy a leading role in the sales strategy of the company. this figure has now have some new skills and knowledge to help you achieve your goals. And the Social Selling has come into our lives.

What is Social Selling?

The Social Selling involves the use of social networks as a sales tool for sales of a product or service , whether in business for the B2B and B2C. 

Thanks to Social Selling we can create content to attract customers, form a good brand image, collect information from our customers and, of course, sell.

9 tips to sell more through the Social Selling

  1. Listen around you: It is essential, when it comes to capturing potential customers, monitor what we are interested in social networking sites to see first hand the needs and problems of our potential buyers. This information will be essential for the sales team at the time of closing the transaction.
  1. Builds trust your audience: When making a purchase, you will want to find all the necessary elements that will ensure that your website is secure; so do not hesitate to offer it . Data protection, quality labels, legal regulations … uses everything to earn that trust. Sure that investment will pay off .
  1. Optimize your profile: Whether it is a corporate profile as a personal profile of the sales team, the profile must be in good condition. Some tips to bear in mind are: A good picture, correct descriptions given keywords, customizing urls, links or complete the largest possible number of fields. 
  1. Share quality content: no use having created a social profile if we do not use it. We share the content will be more visible in searches and get more engagement .
  1. Linkedin imperative :Yes, this network must be essential for every person who belongs to a commercial team. Enhance and analyze the network must be a daily task of mandatory contacts.
  1. Coherence between profiles: Although it seems logical, many people neglect this point. No use having a LinkedIn profile perfect if then our Facebook or Twitter hurt our image.
  1. Constant training: In the digital world there is no other choice but to be attentive to the news daily to keep up.
  1. Do not expect immediate results: do not expect to start your strategy Social Selling and get increase your sales in a couple of months. Social Selling pursues meet sales targets in the medium and long term, not from yesterday to today.
  1. Optimize your resources: Use the appropriate use and management of social networking tools. Remember that there are many tasks that can automate our strategy Social Selling that will save us valuable time.

These are just some tips that the sales team should follow when developing the tasks of Social Selling, but could be summarized in three: Anticipating customer needs , provide valuable information and personalized and maintain an active listener .