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Surely you’ve ever read a headline like “popular brands do not need advertising” or “10 companies that do marketing” and you could not avoid making a sound or gesture of disapproval, but still  possible you did here to read Article.

Let’s face it: all brands have advertising.

If it were not so, it would be less fun. As a public, we love that makes impress us, but as marketers, we love to find ways to attract audiences. The distinctive differentiates brands factor here is the strategy used to allocate your marketing budget.

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Good practices that challenge most marketers take as a guide today, as make them stand out and generate interest because of its unique nature. In this article you will find 9 brands that do not use traditional marketing and what you can learn from their strategies.

9 brands that do not use traditional marketing

1) Zara

The first retailer Zara opened in 1975 and, in 2016, it had 2,000 stores in 77 countries. This company has created an empire with the reputation he enjoys, and thanks to its technology and automation processes can analyze trends and consumer feedback to bring the fashion catwalks testers within days.

Zara-marketing-tradicional.pngImage via: HuffPost

The company avoids using traditional marketing tactics in various ways. First, it creates advertising for men, women and children living in cities with high population rate. Second, it produces garments inexpensive fashion and with great attention to detail. And finally, only made a limited number of pieces of each design to create a sense of urgency among consumers.

This company has also learned to master the art of marketing influencers. Duchess of Cambridge was a big push internationally for Zara when she wore one of her dresses one day after her wedding to Prince William.

Advice for your brand

Orienta your product or service properly. Do not be afraid to rely on word-of-mouth marketing and have an influencer who will be loyal to your brand. Today, you will find more channels traditionally available for fans of Zara (like Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook) marketing, but the company built its empire with good distribution, product fashionable and a solid strategy word-of-mouth marketing.

2) Krispy Kreme

I know what you think. “Of course the donuts do not need advertising”. For Krispy Kreme agrees. When the company revealed how it measures the ROI on digital channels, applications and social networks, Dwayne Chambers (general director of marketing at Krispy Kreme) stated that: “The brand has its roots in the word-of-mouth marketing and have not invested heavily in the traditional media … all our digital marketing activities answer a question: how can we make our brand interacts with customers? “.

Instead of using budget to create television advertising, Chambers said they prefer to invest in their employees . “All workers of the shops are marketing professionals , ” he explains. Krispy Kreme employees completed training at the University of Krispy Kreme, where they learn about the process of making donuts, the customer service and marketing.

Krispy-Kreme.pngImage via: SavannahNow

In addition, the company invests in unique locations that have always placed great visibility and a large window so that consumers can see the process of making the donuts from the outside of each establishment. Chambers says that this is another way to “remove barriers between the brand and its customers, as it is an invitation to attract the palate of consumers.”

Advice for your brand

What barriers can eliminate between your brand and consumers? Begins to inculcate the values ​​of your brand to your computer. Perhaps marketing sounds absurd teach your marketing professionals, but often tend to focus on metrics rather than the identity of our brand and the strategy we use to convey their essence.

3) Sriracha

Favorite brand of hot sauce has been on everyone ‘s lips for years, but only has 90 followers on Pinterest and, until 2014, did not have a Facebook page or an updated website. Currently, this product Huy Fong Foods is in most social media channels, but David Tran (CEO), states: “I do not think advertising because I can not afford it “.

He refuses to save money by importing cheap peppers (all Sriracha chilli comes from a family farm located near Los Angeles, USA) or an external production. Its strategy of focusing on quality rather than cost cutting seems to work. Bon Appetit named Sriracha “Ingredient of the Year” and the company sells more than 20 million bottles of sauce every year.  

Sriracha began distributing your product among Asian chefs before conquering the rest of the world. The brand also gets big boost with influencers online. The Oatmeal wrote a ” love letter ” and famous for Sriracha sauce brand has even published cookbooks for cooking with chefs from the likes of Randy Clemens. The name “Sriracha” can not be recorded as it is called an area of Thailand brand, which means that anyone can use the logo. Does this matter? Of course not. David believes that this is free advertising .

Bottle-Sriracha-salsa.pngImage via: HuffPost

Advice for your brand

Take seriously the quality and takes advantage of all the free publicity you receive (as long as it is reasonable). Also it manages your brand reaches the right people in the shortest possible time. Sriracha caused heartburn among the best known chefs chutneys. When they fell in love with the solid product quality, they shared their taste for salsa with others.

4) Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s looking at Google. Seriously, do it. Surely you find your website and Google+ page where you see that has no followers. So is. The presence on social networks in one of the most popular brands among millennials is zero. However, it has a universal business model: cream biscuits, also known as cookie butter , which is a paste made of cookies spéculoos. The company has cream cookies!

As Behance indicates a recent article , “The factor that stands at Trader Joe’s is its uniqueness … the sum of all the details; the illusion of the absence of its branding strategy, which actually provides an extraordinary experience for the senses than any other grocery store is in the United States (or the world) “.

The only marketing material that produces food brand Aldi is The Fearless Flyer . This publication is a digital newspaper showing little text and many discounts. It is a main element for the brand and probably the only publicity material that will be created.

Trader-Joes.pngImage via: Trader Joe’s

Advice for your brand

From the many samples that test until you eat snacks in bed at night, Trader Joe’s has managed to do an enviable job with branding their economic chain and quality food.

By buying directly with suppliers, eliminate unpopular products faster and without the traditional costs, such as marketing, the company can evaluate their products in an economical and addictive range. Do not be afraid to use innovative ideas in the world of marketing. Go through the less crowded way to create a truly unique customer experience.

5) Costco

In 2015, the United States (and most of the world) was still recovering from the worst global crisis since World War II. It was also the year in which Costco became the world ‘s second largest retail brand. Currently, it ranks among the 10 largest retail companies , which achieved without advertising.

Store-Costco.pngImage via: Colombus Business First

Costco boasts not have an advertising strategy, as it allows you to re-invest 2% of its annual budget in the company. Thanks to this, the company also can afford to pay their employees an average of $ 20 per hour, so it generates a replacement rate low staff in the industry, lowers prices and the value of its shares almost tripled, what satisfies investors.

Advice for your brand

If corresponds to the strategy of your company, consider offering a membership instead of creating marketing. Costco membership creates a sense of urgency also offers a clear and unique value. Clearly this business model works because it has a renewal rate of 90% .

Is there any way with which you can create a sense of urgency for your customers to make a purchase? A membership gives you a comprehensive channel of qualified sales opportunities so you can share discounts and exclusive deals and get a higher conversion rate.

6) Kiehl’s

Does the consumer experience is the most effective marketing strategy? That’s what Kiehl’s (cosmetics company) has thought for a long time. “The key is to recognize that in terms of brand value, all that matters is that the customer perceives a positive image , said Kevin Keller, professor of marketing at Dartmouth . “The experience marketing or perhaps word of mouth is the best way to do it, ” he says.

Cosmetic-Kielhs.pngImage via: Ogilvy

Kiehl’s created a customer experience which offers a variety of samples for consumers to buy under less pressure. The company’s skin care and hair succeeded in establishing its trademark with a guaranteed return of 100%, a staff that doubles the industry average and offers free advice.

This attention to detail has made the brand successful for more than 150 years. Even, the company has maintained its “style without publicity” after L’Oreal acquired . In addition, this also generated more free publicity.

Advice for your brand

Today, Kiehl’s implements marketing campaigns with budgets bulky like the rest of us, but it is worth noting that managed to prosper for long without any campaign at all. While you might want to implement as big as “campaign send a 3D version of your face to space “, remember that sometimes pay attention to the experience of your customers is the most important factor contributing to have a global brand.

7) Spanx

Maybe some people think that this is all great, but what if you can not implement advertising campaigns? I understand this feeling, like Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx. When Blakely founded his brand of underwear, not throwing marketing ads because the budget was insufficient. On the other hand, also he managed to develop its multi-billion dollar mark without the help of foreign loans or investments.

Blakely said in an interview with Forbes that “the power of letting women discovered the brand recommendations of other users is actually a better strategy. Aunts garments recommend her nieces, one student speaks with another companion about our products … To say ‘look, feel the texture … no lines!’ It has a powerful effect. “

Spanx.pngImage via: Neiman Marcus

Advice for your brand

The word-of-mouth marketing strategy is admirable, but sometimes it is not enough to support your business. By combining this type of marketing with a model focused on influencers, double Blakely and Goldman strategy focused on developing its relationship with everyday clients and celebrities. Review your marketing strategy or trademark to see if you pay less attention to one of the two and try to balance your model to generate greater impact in the future.

8) Lululemon

I know that Lululemon announced it would launch its first advertising campaign but analyze its strategy in the past. In 2016, Lululemon said that 90% of business transactions are made without discounts.

This percentage is extremely high and shows that Lululemon has made his mark has great value. But how he got it without creating advertising for almost their first 2 decades? In the words of Laurent Potdevin , Lululemon CEO, “People ask us , ‘Why have not more traditional marketing?’, And our answer is always , ‘Why should we?'”.

Lululemon.pngImage via: HuffPost

For years, the company depended on word-of-mouth marketing and grassroots efforts, as customers loved their product greatly. Hand bags with inspiring phrases that still see everywhere, the staff friendly and changing shopping centers classes and community events contributed to the rapid growth and popularity of the brand. However, with the expansion of the industry casual clothing exercise, Lululemon threw the towel 38 USD and in March 2017 announced that it would devote more resources to traditional marketing.

Advice for your brand

Stop being afraid to sudden changes. Even marketing strategies are ineffective most successful over time. Lululemon was smart because it identified that competition would increase and kept an open mind to expand its impressive efforts focused on the community. Do not expect to stay behind to upgrade. Keep your leading position in the industry, continues to grow in your niche and makes the necessary marketing your efforts accordingly changes, even if these changes create a totally new marketing strategy.

9) GoPro

This company HD cameras is another brand that just dabble in traditional marketing. However, no man built his legendary fan base on social networks. Instead of showing the product, the company displays the final result in the GoPro videos. Your account Instagram has mainly content generated by its users and has more than 12 million followers.

On the other hand, your account YouTube is the factor that distinguishes this brand. A steady stream of exciting and interactive content has generated a community of nearly 5 million subscribers. These people find enough value in the content of GoPro, so subscribe to your YouTube channel to see all their publications without fail.

Advice for your brand

It ‘s easy to think that your company can not invest in creating video content until you actually have the right budget, but you can take the plunge and start using the larger trend of marketing with content generated by users or use your smartphone to record the introduction of the book that you published recently. Video content can be a powerful tool to develop an audience and generate interest with your marketing efforts. Do not wait until tomorrow to raze your marketing.

Traditional marketing is there currently?

Think big or defined boundaries, but do something different. All these brands have little in common, however, they took advantage of a problem, need or desire for users to meet that shortage with superior quality and right price. Partly marks this item also let your product or service speaks for itself.

Always they tell us to stop wanting to control every aspect of our lives (or maybe it’s just me), but these brands are a good reminder that it’s okay to let some aspects of our marketing efforts take their natural course.

This article was originally written by Meg Parter  English for HubSpot What do you think of this? Tell us in the comments.