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Write a post that is successful is often unpredictable. We have had some texts we expected them to become big hits and bad have been read. Others, of which the expectation was low, just spreading and getting great reviews.

Despite these counterpoints, you can see a predominance of certain techniques in the posts they have made greater success. Here we list the five practical tips that always make the difference:

1. Leave the text “at rest” for at least one night

Often we finished writing a post and we were in a state of mini-euphoria, believing that just finished a true masterpiece. Then the post is published and …. and, the effect was not expected.

Stop and stay a while without looking at the text can make you notice obvious mistakes by participating at the time, we could not identify. In addition, continue with the post theme hammering on the head longer just often making you think in a new review or a new way to explain your idea. It is worth program for about that time.

2. Spend more time with the title than expected

The title is usually the last thing to do, when we are already tired of writing. The natural reaction is to think of anything, and quickly promulgate.

The problem is that the title is often largely responsible for making someone read or not the text. It is he who is able to generate interest and make the post is clicked and read. In addition to generally be called in a Tweet or subject in an email.

Therefore, take time, think of several possibilities and then choose the title for your post.

3. Worry about leaving scannable text

Not necessarily need to create a list of things, but it is essential at least to separate your text in some key parts.

Internet usually have several open sites, several things to do and so we scan the text instead of reading calmly, word for word. Texts that facilitate this work tend to make you more successful.

Earlier this month I wrote a text with 6 tips to make your content more scannable . It is worth checking.

4. Read aloud

As silly as it sounds, reading aloud can be very important to check the quality of your text.

When we read aloud able to attend more fluency and rhythm of the text, that make a big difference for those who are reading for the first time.

5. Ask for success

If you want people to comment on, finish your text asking for it. If they want to disclose, end your text asking for it.

It’s not that these things will happen just because you asked. It is necessary that the content is attractive enough. However, if your content is really attractive, people can end up yielding to the request and improving their results.

By the way, if you’ve read this far and like it, leave a comment and disseminate the text to friends 😛