8 Ways to Increase Engagement in Social Networking.

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The Million Dollar Question: How to Increase engagement in social media?


Although this question is very recurrent, I believe that there is no longer room for doubt about the importance of the presence of companies on social networks.

The channels of social media are not only a factor that reflects how the company / brand is updated, but are great closer communication channels with their customers, also making great channels to generate more sales.

increase engagement on social media

In sumo, everyone has understood that where the customer is, the brand must be as well.

So far so good, but not enough to be present in these channels, if not better communication work in this space, which results not always as easy for businesses.

In fact, there is a great difficulty some companies (especially emerging companies) to increase engagement.

If it is already difficult for the big brands, which have a share above, use these channels to properly communicate with your customers, imagine for a company that is just beginning.

Do not panic! If well done and planned, there is always best practice to make engagement happen. We will list some of them, very important.

Take note here (or take a print) in our “recipe” of 8 good ways to increase engagement of the brands on social networks . Here they are:


1- Be creative! Forever fun and attract.

Companies should always work creative content, and why not fun?

Some Fan Pages do it so well, that have their increasingly engaged followers, not only commenting on their publications as well as sharing many of them in their profiles.

A good example of a brand that does this well is the Ponto Frio . Look at:


increase engagement on social media


Use humor with intelligence – What better thing than that ? Your client is interested much for everything you have to say, that helps you to get more people have to reach their contents.

This is free advertising folks! And advertising with much added value as a friend re-published something does not mean you’re trying to sell me something. We rely heavily on our friends, and often admire many of them.

If it consumes such content, I will go to eat it too! That is the real success of the channels, making people who other people trust, share and endorse its content.

Remember that a good dose of common sense in the publications is a great way to avoid the negative comments of ” haters .”

The formula here is quite simple: Before you publish anything, analyze and if for some reason does not offend any person, then we can escape from topics such as religion, politics, etc.


2- Have a publishing strategy: times and frequency.

increase engagement on social media


Make several publications every day can be quite negative for the profile of a brand on any social network.

Make the publication at certain times of day when your audience has tinho greater engagement with its previous publications, and take them as far in time to publish is a great choice.

You can do a quick analysis on your profile and decide which is the best time to publish your content.

Then, it is to decide a frequency 1-3 publications, to be posted. Not all posts will be printed for the same followers. Your postings come to print organic form to less than 5% of its base.

What will increase the engagement of the followers with its content, therefore, see the format of the content that engage more and better and try to play them in an innovative way.



3- Call for participation

You need to publish content to draw attention of each user.

With the amount of information they have in their news feed , content that Encourage to participate is super positive!

But how? It will be very complicated? Lol …

I just do it when I added some questions to the text.

Asking questions the user to make him unconsciously will have to answer. So are we humans.

Questions can be of various types: “What would you like to make Christmas?” (Clike for X and Y to the heart), or even “Which of the two above products you like best?”.

These are widely used and well muiro answered examples, for we all have the need to share our experiences and expectations.


4 Lights, camera, ACTION!

increase engagement on social media


Making publications videos are always guaranteed success !

If the company has a channel on Youtube for example, or some video material, should start using them on social networks as soon as possible!

All the networks is quite informal, so even a well made recording made and planned well in a cell may be valid and work – until you consider investing in more produced videos for egajar your prospects – This is essential depending on your business. The Socialbakers conducted a survey showing that publications with videos always generate more interest from users therefore have more engagement in the publications.


Be human 5-?

Show the routine of business, everyday, it adds a lot of value and personality to the brand.

The user know that there are people working behind the profile, so if there is a special visit to a client or business, or going to office to change, or if there will be a structural change in the company, or even corporate events; All these contents may be relevant to the public.

If we publish such content we make the follower feel part of the company.

Remember – a social media channel is people to people. Therefore, besides the human voice, without exaggeration, the mediator of your fanpage should represent your company well as to communicate with the follower.

We have seen many examples of successes and failures brand mediators. So too seriously this work and hire someone who has experience to interact with your audience.😉


6 Moderate unafraid your page!

As we advanced in item 5, is ESSENTIAL fazera moderation of profiles on all the social networking channels.

When a user has taken the time to comment / compliment / complain about something he clearly expects a brand response and ideally this can not be standard.

captivating and sympathetic responses conquer followers, even if they are quite simple.

boldest companies still account comments with humor. This works well, clearly if done prudently, as we talked about above.

Even negative reviews deserve an answer, showing that the brand respects all opinions.

If this is the case, a good deed is always ask for the user to send more information by inbox , so your problem can be better analyzed.

By doing so, the user will no longer publicly write something negative and feel fulfilled by the company.

This demonstrates professionalism, respect and good service!


7-  Sale !! Join !!

Speaking of offers and promotions on social networks has always been a formula that has worked for many companies.

Make a contest with “best line” or “the best answer” makes even the most timid users to engage and participate.

A promotion for the “friends of the brand” on any social network also makes these users feel special and an award ends up taking the user closer to the company.

Attention is always the legal department what the rules of promotional activities in fanpages. 😉


Advertising 8: The Soul of business.

It is quite obvious to many people that to advertise on a social network, rather increase the participation and engagement in the publications.

This is because as more users who had no contact with the mark are affected with an ad and begin to be part of your community.

And these strategies generate the continuous increase in the number of followers in the company’s profiles on each of the social networks.

But we must always have a care about it: Learning how to best invest your money with ads, not to spend it in an uncontrolled manner.

How do I do that?

Armando well targeted campaigns, speaking to the right audience for your business and analyzing well as you want to spend to reach your goal are simple ways to optimize your ads.

increase engagement on social media



To follow continually increasing engagement in social networks, we have to always consider some topics:

  • Familiar with the public
  • Speak his language
  • Put yourself in their place (always!)
  • Create content tailored to each platform (social networking)
  • Invistir in different formats of publications
  • Gamificar ” content (always transform the content into a real experience in a game)
  • and finally, be human! Be accessible to your audience.

Want to know how to continue engaging to drive results with your social media channels? Contact us.