8 tips to make your content more scannable

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How is the content you produce for your company? In addition to the ideas themselves, you also think about how to structure the content?

Contrary to what some people think, the internet is not like a book. This means that if you write a long and monotonous block of text people will just ignore your message.

On the internet, people are usually multitasking. It is likely to navigate your site while chatting with friends on Facebook, answer emails or any other task.

As a result, they need to filter and scan information on your website easily. Otherwise, jump to any other page.

So, make your posts have scannable content is essential. We listed eight steps you can get there:

1 – Use an appropriate line length

If the site visitor needs to move the eyes and neck to follow the words on the line, it is probably too long.

The first tip is a more technical issue, it involves settings for your blog. However, it is important that you review blog width to understand whether it is suitable or not for a good read. This post you are reading here at Digital Results blog has a line length of 720 pixels.

However, this item largely depends on the font and spacing used, so what it is really test your layout to check the comfort of reading.

2 – Break the text in several paragraphs

Trying to process an entire block of text is like eating a whole pie at once.

If you are writing for an online audience, use paragraphs in abundance.

This helps improve the text flow, and add a little more white space, despoluindo content.

It is hard to say the right size, but three sentences per paragraph are generally sufficient to initiate and complete an idea.

Another tip to leave your content scannable is to paragraphs of a sentence only to highlight important ideas.

How did this topic, for example.

3 – Use good headings and subheadings

Headings and subheadings can greatly improve the user experience. This is because it is common for the reading behavior in the internet to scan the entire text, from start to finish.

This action is performed either to verify the contents size as to check on what subjects are developed in the text.

More than that, in addition to helping the reader to get an idea on the subject of the content before actually start reading the subtitles also make it easier for him to come back or forth in the text more easily.

scannable content

4 – Use bullet points

Bullet points are nothing more than items classified into short lists.

Use bullet points in posts usually give too sure, since:

  • Easy to read;
  • Organizes information;
  • Highlights important points;
  • Leaves a more concise idea.

But remember: Bullet points are to be used preferably with short phrases and ideas.

Long sentences in bullet points can backfire because usually stay uncomfortable.

The same applies to inharmonious bullet points, for example, a point on a line followed by a period of five lines.

The secret is to keep the default.

5 – Use bold and italic

A good use of bold and italic can improve the clarity of content. Use bold for words that should be highlighted and which indicate important messages. Use italics to highlight titles of books, publications, foreign words and so on.

These are some recommendations that we use in our blog and that can vary from company to company.

The ideal is to maintain a standard and document everything in writing a manual of the company.

6 – Images are friends

Images are good resources to attract the reader’s attention. Moreover, often they serve to complement something that is in the text or even to separate content.

It is important both for the aesthetic part as to the part of of free and paid image banks that provide good parts to download.

Use your creativity and do not forget to put the post keyword in the alt attribute of the image.

scannable content (3)

7 – Use of the inverted pyramid technique

This technique originated in journalism is to put the information in descending order of relevance throughout the text – the most important content will in the first paragraph, and so on.

Use the first paragraph of the post to contextualize, present the problem and put the most relevant information (even if they are detailed in the text) is one of the techniques that guarantee good readability.

Also, write in the inverted pyramid is useful for the reader not waste your time reading articles that do not interest him, so leave your site.

But be sure to arouse curiosity in the reader. The beginning of the post should be an introduction to what is to come, not a final summary.

Meet 6 tips for writing introductions of attractive posts .

8 – Use other media

In addition to the images, now you can add – or “embedar” – other types of media to illustrate your posts.

Some examples are Youtube videos, Facebook and Twitter posts, SoundCloud and Spotify audio.

GIFs can also be interesting if the type of content you produce is more relaxed. famous for producing lists sites like BuzzFeed, use quite those alternatives.

Do you have another tip to make scannable content?

Content production is one of the key pillars in building a strategy of Inbound Marketing . So it is important to create scannable content so that it is passed as comfortable as possible for the user.

Besides the tips we put up, is there any other way that you use the blog of your company to improve escaneabilidade of posts?