8 tips to boost videos on YouTube

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YouTube is one of the best ways to generate engagement and trust of Internet users.

We will see in this article a few ways to create and promote videos on Youtube that are relevant and generate traffic and authority to the service or product you are offering.

Let’s deal with the elements of classification and tagging of video to help you propel your video on YouTube.

Check out the 7 top tips to boost videos on YouTube:

1 – Title and description of the video

The title should be flashy and persuasive, but should also clearly describe existing content, so that potential consumers content can find it.

No use trying to deceive the viewer, describing something that is not there: to start the video, he will realize, and abandon the video.

To set the best title, it is good to cross the name you want to give with what people are looking for.

The process is similar to the search keywords for SEO project .

There are several platforms that can help it, the keywordtool.io gives an estimate of search volume on YouTube.

But it is paid.

The Google Keyword Planner can also help … and it’s free.

Alternatively you can make the most classic work search keyword in Google using SEMRush , Google it, etc.

To learn more about choosing keywords for an SEO project, read this article:  SEO – start an optimization project assessing the seven key items

It is important that the title faithfully represents the content, to prevent the user to enter and exit quickly content.

YouTube accounts for the amount of time actually watched, and realizes how many users gave up watching your videos.

To analyze the performance of the video in this sense, can evaluate the report audience retention that shows the average percentage of how much of the video is actually watched.

youtube - audience retention report

That is why it is worth well marketizar in the title, but not worth lying.

2 – Video description

The same goes for the description of the video, but with a few important details: the text of the description should start with the URL of your website or blog, because that way, we generate relevant traffic to your site .

After that, it is also important to enter a descriptive and concise text.

In this text, take the time to put the differential of your company.

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In addition to the URL at the beginning of the post, you can insert the link to other videos and media that have related and relevant content and perhaps mentioned in the video.

Previously, you could insert some notes directly on the video while carrying on YouTube.

Now, that can not, need to make calls to link directly to video and share the link in the description.

Ideally a link to a post that deepens the subject of the video.

3 – Tag to facilitate the search of your video

In addition to title and description, you can supplement your video with tags for easy searching.

A simple way to choose is to insert Tags on Google even the subject of your video and copy the suggestions that are under the page of Google’s results and use them as search tags on YouTube.

See print below.

youtube - tags for videos

 4 – Thumbnail – Thumbnail

It is the image that appears in the video before you click.

You can edit this image for viewing, so create a relevant image and draw the attention of the viewer.

When you upload a video, YouTube even gives you thumbnail suggestions that he takes as the video frame. Ai you can choose the one you like best.


youtube - choice of thumbnail image


However, if you can choose an external picture and upload it.

Recalling that the thumbnail aim is to call attention when the video appears on the list of search results.

This can be changed at any time.

So it’s good to insert a review and how many clicks generated, and if not given a satisfactory result, you can change second time.

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5 – Vignette

Invest in creating a short and professional sticker, because that way you will be able to spend more credibility and confidence to the viewer.

A vignette should last no more than 5 seconds or even less, should be something that presents its brand impact without tiring the spectator.

It has several online platforms to make vignettes without much professional knowledge. Among them: Animoto , Wideo.

Even the most professional: Adobe Premier , Adobe After Effects .

An animation in the vignette is always good to give an air of lightness and entertainment.

Not always the sticker must be shown at the beginning of the video. The same can start with the presentation of the subject, perhaps a question that can generate curiosity and then move the vignette.

The purpose of the sticker is to record brand identity in the head in the spectator.

6 – The rule of 10 seconds

In the first 10 seconds of video is essential to make a promise or a call to the user to continue watching the video until the end. A good example is to work the curiosity of the viewer.

Why it is not always ideal start with the sticker but with the presentation of the subject.

In the YouTube audience retention report, you can see after how long on average the staff begins to stop watching the video.

This allows drawing a storytelling strategy that draws attention just as the retention curve starts to fall.

7 – Content (guarantees rankeamento on YouTube)

Think about what the audience needs and try to pass something new and innovative … .I know it’s hard nowadays that everyone is expert of everything.

You can use the same principle when writing for a blog. Even addressing a subject already developed, you can try Maquía it with your personality.

But the fact of having a full review will differentiate you in this red ocean in whom the internet has become TV and everyone repeats opinions as heard or read somewhere.

Express your opinion, even against the mass. This will differentiate you.

The answers to the questions below can help you  create quality content :

  • How do you want the audience to feel after seeing the video? Ideally, the answer must be motivated to try what you said, if a tutorial; or tempted to watch more videos, if an entertainment content, for example.
  • What will cause them to subscribe in the channel or to do any action you want?

Also, focus on content quality, relevance and consistency.

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8 – Final Call – Call to Action

Be social: Ask viewers to interact and primarily interact with them.

Ask, for example, at the end of your video:

Enjoy this video? Sign in the channel and leave your comment I’ll be happy to answer

It is also important to invite to share. But do not show it as a favor.

I like to ask for sharing with someone who might be interested in the subject. This approach can bring less subscribers, but more qualified.

As for the registration, it is important to know that you can share the address of your channel integrated with the registration request.

So when someone clicks on the address of your channel, it already automatically receives a registration request.

To do this, just add the channel address code:

? = 1 sub_confirmation

For example, for channel: youtube.com/canal, you can spread the Internet address:



As in Content Marketing classic, the video segment, the production itself is only a small part of the whole strategy.

You need to think about how to reach users who will consume their content.

The process of release of a video goes through phases:

  • Search (optimization for keywords, title and tag)
  • Click the video (optimization by title and thumbnail)
  • Retention (optimization for quality content)

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