8 Questions You should ask When ordering a website

Developing a website is much more than design it. There are numerous equally important points that are often ignored when hiring a professional to do it, which then brings arguments or additional costs. Therefore, it is important to ask the following questions:

1. What domain will be used and who recorded?

The domain is avoiding going into technical issues, will address the website. For Workana , for example, it is workana.com. This is one of the first points to consider as there are several ways to register a domain and pay for it. When publishing a project Workana to find a professional who develops the website, it would be good and get an idea of how the issue will be addressed domain: If you need professional manage it , if you have already registered …

2. Where will be hosted website?

The hosting is another issue that often escape when we talk merely of “web design”, and is also important. For people who have no technical knowledge can be a bit overwhelming having to hire the hosting service, so it is useful to cover this also when a professional is evaluated. Does your service includes at least one advice as to what hosting hire? Do you know how to mount the web site or this there will need someone else?

3. Who is responsible for the texts?

Overall, it is the customer who takes care of generating the texts published on the website as it is who best knows his own business and heading. However, in many cases it may be necessary to develop the professional web texts or expand suits from basics. It is important that responsibility for texts is defined before starting work.

4. The site should be available in multiple languages?

In line with the above, it is also crucial to define who would take care of the translations or whether it will need to hire a translator for this.

5. Where will the images?

As with the texts, it should be clear who provides images to publish. There are cases in which the client already has some, but sometimes images will need to buy some bank or think of a photo shoot; both probably involve additional costs so you should always conversarse before accepting the proposal made by a professional.

6. Can I manage the content?

Static sites were in the past. It is essential for any entrepreneur to have the ability to quickly update the contents of your site, for playing a key CMS or content management role. Among them are large known as WordPress or Joomla, but there are many more with different characteristics. Which of them work influence the hosting service to hire (for the technical requirements have) and what can both deliver one without the help of a programmer, so it is also a point to cover.

7. Can I have your email address with my domain?

If one weapon mounts your business and website in www.ejemplo.com, surely hopes to have emails with @ ejemplo.com. Hosting services often provide in their package the ability to create email addresses and there are other free options like Google Apps. Whatever the way forward, make the necessary settings will take some time, so it is convenient to have this issue discussed with the professional in charge of development.

8. Does the site can be viewed from mobile devices (mobile phones and tablets)?

Broadly speaking there are three possible scenarios with this topic: the site does not look at all like you see when entering from a computer or display with responsive design, or special for mobile devices. Considering where trends are accessibility, ideally at least the site is visible from a phone or tablet. As this may involve working with certain technologies and not others or even extra hours of design and programming, it is important to consider this point.

As you can see, it is important to get to all these questions when hiring a professional to commission a website. Doing so will save both time and will avoid more than one headache!