8 Mistakes You Might Be Committing When Starting In Digital Marketing

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Get a Digital Marketing strategy results is still a novelty for most companies. Since the method is relatively new, there is still much to be adapted studied and tested.

As a result, there are many very common mistakes that companies make when starting new in Digital Marketing . The bad thing is that if you’re even doing it, it is difficult to predict, measure and constantly increase the volume of traffic and generating business opportunities on your site. This way, you can not determine the return on time and money invested in internet marketing.

In any business, you should be in control of how resources are being used. If you are making these mistakes, then the control is not being performed. But calm, the good part is that it’s never too late to fix them.

1. You did not research keywords for your strategy

How do you want people to find your business if you do not optimize your site for keywords that your target audience uses to search on Google?

You need to identify which keywords are relevant, have high search volume and are relatively easy to achieve good rankings in search engines.

It is also important to monitor your current ranking for each keyword, the amount of traffic they are receiving and what proportion of conversions that have generated these words.

A process of regular and rigorous research of keywords can have a positive impact of 2 to 10 times the ROI on Digital Marketing.

How to fix?

Watch the video to post RDicas # 02 – Search Keyword SEO and check 4 research strategies of keywords to get better placement in Google and get excellent results on your site.

2. You have not set personas

Who are the potential customers for your product or service? If you have not made this setting, do not waste time and do now!

After all, there is no point having a great product if the marketing department of your company is communicating in Portuguese to an audience who only know how to speak Italian.

When a company has no personas, some of the likely consequences are extremely high cost of acquisition, sales team’s difficulty in closing deals, and possibly many dropouts (churns) derived from sales made to an audience without fit.

But what’s persona, anyway? Simply and quickly, persona is the typical customer definition, with all the major features of the buyers. It is not necessarily classified by gender, age or region, but rather by their spending habits and personal preferences.

Defining personas is a key step for your marketing team speak Portuguese for those who understand Portuguese and your sales team receive opportunities aligned with the value proposition of your company.

How to fix?

Download free kit Personas and Purchase Day to see in practice how to define personas for your company and draw the journey of purchase of your client. Enjoy and also use the Fantastic Personas Generator , a tool that will greatly aid in the creation of their personas.

3. You are not producing content

I say, both here in the blog and for our customers, the content is the fuel of Inbound Marketing. That’s because to attract new users and generate new Leads you need good content to guide these visitors to your offers.

If your company does not have production content, it is quite possible you are losing big business opportunities. A Digital Marketing strategy results is tied to the production of content for various reasons. Between them:

  • Content serves as ammunition for users of social media;
  • relevant content generates links, the premise of any SEO work;
  • Only own content production does your company become a reference.

Content production is an active importantíssmo of Digital Marketing. It is this method that will make your business get more visits from organic search engines, reference becomes in the market in which it operates and manages to maintain a relationship with your audience at all stages of the purchase journey . No doubt, a decisive factor in decision making and very influential for the time of purchase.

How to fix?

If you are having trouble writing, read the post How to lose the fear of writing and start producing content . If you want to climb the production, read our eBook How to Create a corporate blog – from strategy to practice .

4. You are not generating Leads

It happens quite often some companies create a site, pages on social media, invest in content, SEO, sponsored links and think that the fact of generating many daily visits is enough. However, nothing will work if your site does not generate business opportunities, ie Leads.

Unsurprisingly say that the traditional buying cycle has changed. Today, it is no longer part of the seller to control the entire sales process. Today, this process starts already on marketing, since much of the buying decision is made even before they make contact with the company. This happens primarily by the amount of information available on the Internet and the proactivity of the users, who already seek information before talking with vendors to get more specific questions.

Therefore, more than ever the company’s website has a paper seller, especially in more complex selling products (such as service providers, for example). In such cases, the customer must study before the actual need of the solution, the benefits that may have, how much energy would be necessary to apply to get good results etc.

Without a generation Leads, your company can not get the contact information necessary to make a connection and also can not maintain a relationship with those opportunities.

How to fix?

Generating Leads is a key strategy in the Digital results. Not by chance, here on the blog we have several posts explaining what it is, how it works, what problems we’ve faced and how we correct. We recommend some posts and materials on the subject:

  • Webinar: Leads Management
  • Kit Generating Qualified Leads
  • Post: I am away from the goal Leads, Now What?
  • Post: How to Use Content Marketing to generate Leads
  • Post: 4 problems that are preventing your website to generate more leads and sell more

5. You do not have great deals and Landing Pages optimized

This error is very common. Calls and offers are rarely present, and conversion pages. What most people do is put a “contact us” button on your navigation and wait. That’s the equivalent of having a store and ask your cash to stay in the corner of the store with closed eyes and a small button on his chest that says “. Wake me only if you want to buy something”

People will not stay in touch unless they have realized that you can help them solve their problems or you have a product they need. Many companies use links as “request a demo” or “free trial” as decoys. However, this is just another way of saying “please contact us to talk about buying”.

Their offers should be relevant to the challenges that your prospects face.

Educational offerings tend to be good by nature. They give visitors what they are looking for and even allow you to classify potential customers and capture their contact information to continue to nurture them information.

You should also note that it is not to have one or two offers. They are coming up with various offers that come into resonance with your audience and can help you make the correlation between their challenges and goals with the product you sell.

How to fix?

Read the eBook 5 types of lures to generate Leads to learn how to write great deals and how to create optimized pages for conversion!

6. You are buying mailing lists

One of the largest Digital Marketing Myths is in relation to the purchase of mailing lists.

This (bad) practice is among the supposedly less laborious ways of getting in Digital Marketing. It is likely that this is one of the reasons to continue being done.

But it is seen that this can be quite harmful to your company. First, when you buy an email list, people who are on that list do not know and have not shown interest in your company and its products. Therefore, any unauthorized message is more a nuisance, a poorly interruption view. This means that there is a good chance that many users mark a message as spam, which is very harmful because your next campaign Email Marketing have a good chance of jumping right into spam box, and even people who would like to get something your company will not see your email.

The second reason is that the lists generally have poor quality. People who have their address those lists will most likely receive e-mails from several other companies also purchased addresses. Furthermore, these lists often have many emails do not exist or have been disabled.

And the third reason is regarding deliverability in email marketing . No service with reliable reputation will authorize shooting purchased lists. If authorized, it is because it is possibly a server with a bad reputation and this in itself is already quite damaging to their campaigns, as many emails will not be delivered.

How to fix?

We have two recommendations to help you work around the problem. Read the post Walkthrough: How to Build a list of Leads (and emails) from scratch and download the eBook The Guide Practical Email Marketing .

7. You are not measuring where your customers are coming from

Like anything else in life, internet marketing requires improvement over time and a good Web Analytics package is essential in the task of determining “how to improve.”

The mistake that most people make, however, is to focus on the wrong metrics.

What matters in Web Analytics packages is to determine exactly which traffic sources (eg keywords, email, links, social media sites etc.) are attracting visitors who actually do a conversion.

However, the focus of many people usually stay in other items such as the number of pageviews, number of visitors and average time on site. These things are quite irrelevant if you are not converting visitors into paying customers or acquaintances.

You may find that Twitter, for example, is attracting a lot of people to your site and these people have generated a high number of pageviews. If, however, people from the Email Marketing are performing a most conversions, it is this channel that you should invest heavier.

How to fix?

Read the post How to make better use of each digital marketing channel and understand how to interpret and optimize all sources of traffic to your site.

8. Are you measuring your results with vanity metrics

Many people are impressed with some numbers as pageviews, followers on social media, tanned from a post etc. But then we ask a question: What is the impact of these metrics in your business? What do they translate?

Metrics such as those cited above usually do very well for the ego, but missing an essential point, which is how much it contributes to sales. After all, selling is the only activity that brings money into the company.

We called “vanity metrics” everything that does not indicate how the Digital Marketing contributes in fact to generate business opportunities.

What really should be measured are the metrics of the sales funnel. It is with these measures that you will get a true picture of how the Digital Marketing has helped your business.

Hoppers models vary, but the most common for various B2B and B2C business is Guest -> Lead -> Client.

With the sales funnel in mind, it is easy to measure the effectiveness of digital marketing for business. Simply measure every month:

  • Number of unique visitors;
  • Number of Leads generated;
  • Number of Customers conquered.

Simple and effective.

How to fix?

Read the post What is and what it is for a sales funnel to understand the concept in general. And to understand how it works in practice and in a manner applied to your business, simulate your funnel with the tool Funnel Marketing .

Now it’s time to learn from mistakes!

Every company that starts a Digital Marketing Operation is subject to errors. This is absolutely normal, and when these mistakes happen should not be seen as something negative, but rather as an opportunity for improvement.

Here at Digital results, we also make mistakes. This is no cause for shame, even share some of them in the post 5 big mistakes that our Marketing team committed and you should not commit .

The final tip we share is that you start the methodology giving the right steps. If you are just starting out, guide up by our Kit Digital Marketing for Beginners, available for download here grauito .

And on your side? What is the biggest mistake in Digital Marketing you’ve made?