8 Marketing trends to invest in 2018

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When it comes to marketing trends unfortunately there is no magic wand to tell us exactly what technology or what channel is the most widely used within the next few years.

The key lies in observing consumers. As consumers are changing the way they behave, business and marketing teams must adapt to them. Customization, content marketing, the use of multiple channels, are some examples of how to respond to an audience that is constantly evolving.

8 Marketing Trends for 2018

1. Marketing Omnichannel and Multiformat Content

Content marketing is still one of the keys to turning visitors into customers. But now is not enough to just make written content. Consumers are looking for information in different formats and in different channels simultaneously. In 2018 we will see how teams become more varied content where designers, experts in radio, video, social networks and different formats will be integrated. 

The data speaks for itself: the study of Demand Gen Report, 47% of consumers saw 3-5 forms of content before starting a process.

We must invest in multiformat and multichannel strategy where the same content is presented in a variety of channels and formats to meet the needs of consumers.


2.  Customization   

Say things like: mass marketing is dead – long live personalizing!

 We know that content marketing will be one of the main focuses of marketing strategies in 2018, this should align with something very important: a personalized experience for every customer. 

Companies must put aside the static content and start investing in dynamic pages that are able to respond to the different characteristics of customers thanks to intelligent content. 


3. SEO on all your formats

Align your SEO strategy with your content strategy is the best investment you can make for 2018. Most likely, your web team and your team blogging are already optimizing your content for SEO, but now we must go further: you to make sure optimize content in all formats: video, images, social networking, audio etc. The key is to invest in SEO before creating new content. In this way you make sure to increase your chances of conversion.


4. Short Videos

In a culture led by mobile devices, video is one of the formats more consumers. In 2017 90% of all content shared by users on social networks was in video format . Now the challenge is to capture the attention of the audience in the first 3 seconds.

One of the creative leaders of Facebook, said during Social Media Week in London that do short videos is no longer an option. Brands that are not using video as part of their social media strategy should begin now. And remember, should be short, running without sound and draw attention in the first 3 seconds.


5. Livestreaming is increasing their relevance

While we know that the video is the format consumer preference during 2018, when it comes to social networks, the livestreaming seems that you are taking a greater role. According to Facebook, users spend 3 times more time watching videos live videos that are no longer. Also they discussed more than 10 times a prerecorded video.

There are many marketing teams that are already investing in creating videos but only 14% have started to invest seriously in live video. Live videos are a great opportunity to increase interaction with your users, giving a human face to your brand and integrate new formats to your strategy.


6. Automation of internal processes

If you work in marketing insurance you’re already using some automation software to schedule your posts on social networks, email or track your prospects. Now the key is to use automation tools to optimize your marketing processes and internal sales.

Every company should have a CRM ( You can try the free HubSpot here ) that identifies opportunities, generate automatic emails templates, schedule client meetings with a click etc. If teams are spending time on manual activities is because something they are doing wrong as there are tools to automate almost everything.


7. Artificial Intelligence

For many, the words artificial intelligence may sound like something from a science fiction movie. Chances are that are already using in their daily lives. If you asked Siri about clime, or you read your calendar, you are a user of artificial intelligence. In marketing, using behavioral data to optimize the layout of your website or your chatbot is also artificial intelligence. While artificial intelligence may be something considered “new” still within the next 12 months you will see it as an integration to most of the tools we use every day.


8. Chatbots

The chatbots are a very good example of how automation will have a major impact on the way we do business in 2018. These “virtual assistants” operated by artificial intelligence can deliver answers to customers in real time at any time. After Facebook opened its API Messenger, many companies began to test these tools. The challenge is to achieve a user experience that is even better than a typical customer service and automate repetitive tasks allow for teams to customer focus on adding value.  


2017 was one of the most active years in terms of new technologies, trends and formats in the marketing industry. 2018 will be no different so we recommend being prepared to invest in key areas in order to anticipate these trends and not be trying to catch up later.