8 actions to manage your base of Leads and focus on results

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1. Time is money

The main tip is to dedicate a daily or weekly time to focus on a plan of action that can improve the steps of your sales funnel .

Do not just take visitors on your site and generate Leads that automatically come to the base via conversion materials or forms. We must nurture Leads to evolve in the funnel and not desengajem for lack of content.

A good strategy is to have a dedicated person to manage your Leads basis, taking at least one to two hours a day to analyze the history of Leads, understand what interest content, which step of buying journey they meet and how to sell for these contacts.

2. Let your always healthy base

Manage your proactively Leads is critical to achieving results. You have to understand how is the health of each contact so that somehow he remains a possible opportunity.

DR call this action base of hygiene . In it, we seek to find the entire list those Leads that have fallen on hard bounce, they asked or unsubscribe emails marked as spam .

Search Leads in its base. Those who are identified as invalid should have this information recorded at some point by the conversion history.

In the RD Station Marketing , there is the option to export conversions out of the tool, because while continuing invalid, these leads are seen as harmful and can block the firing of some campaigns, compromising the whole strategy. The recommended is that invalid Leads are deleted tool.

manage leads base

Learn more on the Help Center article: Deleting Leads batch?

Important: do not forget to be guided by best practices in Email Marketing that determine, among other things, that if the Lead has opted for unsubscribe, do not even try a new contact.

3. Validate emails before importing them

Take great care with the contacts that you group in spreadsheets and want to bring to the Leads base. Before importing, make sure that list are Leads that have already entered the hard bounce condition, ie, non-existent or emails that have been canceled.

If nothing is done, these disabled Leads can compromise a strategy simply because diminish an expected range and are just there to make up the numbers.

Validate emails by scanning the list. Fortunately there are email validation tools, which can help in this task. They are usually paid, but you can climb a short list to try to validate.

Here are some suggestions:

4. Organize your lists Leads

Target base Leads is essential, not only to organize the house, but to define what strategies can be applied within a good planning Digital Marketing .

Review the lists created and make sure that the personas and custom fields are well configured, it is necessary to identify what stage of the funnel each Lead is for them to get the indicated content.

In the Lead Tracking (feature that lets you find out what pages Leads visited your site) and via Lead Scoring (pulling profile data and Lead of interest to say whether qualified or not).

manage leads base

5. Send campaigns regularly

There is no point having many Leads if they are not nourished with Email Marketing often, or are included in individual or strategic campaigns.

If for some time you have left to interact with the base, the recommended is to try engagement through newsletter (format widely used by companies, which generally offer content related to news and product launches).

You can also send to your entire Leads base a search (via Google Form, for example), asking Leads what kind of content they would like to be getting in their emails.

In addition to talking with the base, you can now target the types of content that also help in better targeting strategies to apply via purchase journey, with the top, middle and bottom funnel. Do not forget that content, in this case, it is king!

6. Attack the disengaged Leads

It is disheartening to scan the Lead basis for understanding the behavior of contacts and realize that a large part of them (if not most) are not opening the emails.

The question that arises is: where did I go wrong? The answer may lie in verifying the history of Leads. Make a very detailed examination to understand what was the first material that Lead converted and there were other campaigns involving the contact and he did not react.

disengaged Lead is one that never opened or opened email once in a lifetime a few months and then stopped interact. But care is needed to avoid actions that undermine the interaction and cause the opposite effect.

In this article, we teach how to relate Leads disengaged without harming your domain.

Another alternative is to use paid media to treat disengaged Leads using AdWords, Instagram ads , LinkedIn Ads , among others. The idea is to export the Leads the base into an Excel spreadsheet and climb out these paid media channels, searching for new conversions and trying a new engagement.

To learn how, read the post Engaging your emails base using paid media .

7. Use and abuse of marketing automation

Use marketing automation and helps in saving time and facilitate the work of nutrition, aids in content delivery task by funnel step and improves the efficiency of managing your Leads base.

Create streams for marking actions that can identify Leads can be opportunities and which have already closed sales are actions that contribute to a more efficient delivery.

In the RD Station Marketing , if you use the Lead Scoring with assertiveness, can create a segmentation Profile Leads and high score, that will be the possible opportunities found. Automation with only one activity, these Leads may already have your funnel stage changed to opportunities and will be visible on the dashboard of the funnel.

The same action can be done with Leads who bought your product and can be booked as sales.

manage leads base

8. Know who sell their products or services

Two basic questions:

  • What do you sell?
  • Who do you want to sell?

Leads nurture a base requires focus on your product or service and an ideal configuration persona.

Think of campaigns that could be related to a calendar of important dates or commemorative to understand how your audience will react on a timely offer. Black Friday , Mother’s Day, Father ‘s Day, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Friend’s Day, anniversary of the company, consumer week, Women’s Day etc.

In the anniversaries .

manage leads base


You know that phrase that says “who is not seen is not remembered?” Leave your stop Leads base mainly affects your ROI (return on investment) because the sales funnel can not be aligned with the goals include CPL (Cost per Lead). If you are not envisioning opportunities with your Leads lists, try to understand that the gear Digital Marketing works synchronously.

Each piece has to fit to move the machine. Remember: Your Lead may be at that time wanting your product or service, but he did not know that you can meet this desire for consumption.

How about entering your Leads base right now and start planning your actions on the tips offered?

Alternatively, create a Success Plan by itself RD Station Marketing . If you are not our client yet, try a free trial tool!