7 Tips to Take Off Your Company Page on LinkedIn

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If your company does not yet have a Company Page on LinkedIn, it’s good to hurry, because the network has more than 500 million professionals updated profiles worldwide.

In Brazil, the number of users is 29 million – and that number will only grow.


Company Page versus personal profile

While the personal profile shows your knowledge, skills and contacts of his career, the Company Page displays the characteristics and advantages of your company.

The great advantage of the second format is the ability to manage ads, capture insights and get many important data about your audience, and bring the company’s target audience and present their products directly and dynamically.

It’s like Facebook, where there are personal profiles and fanpages .

Requirements to take off your Company Page

You can only add a Company Page to meet all the requirements below:

  • Being active on the network: Your profile must be active and multiple connections. It should be considered as an intermediary or champion;
  • They are working in the company: you must be a current employee of the company and its position, be listed in the “Experience” section;
  • Have a corporate email address: your email address corporate (eg hiram@nomedaempresa.com) have to be added and verified in your LinkedIn account;
  • Having the company’s own domain: to create a Company Page is impossible to use areas such as gmail.com , yahoo.com or other generic email services because they are not unique to a business. If your company does not have a domain specific email, consider creating a group .

To create your Company Page follow the step by step developed by LinkedIn.

7 tips to boost your Company Page

1. Extend contact with his staff on the network

Connecting all of its employees on LinkedIn expands organic exposition of the company. This is an excellent tactic, especially for large businesses. Break, the Company Page becomes a clickable link within the profile of each employee.

With a novelty in the air it is important to the “Office cry”, that is, to make the team mobilized to disseminate content. Talk in different groups and foster good discussions involving issues related to the company is even more relevant.

2. Leverage SEO performance

A Company Page is extremely friendly for Google, which contributes to its strategy keywords right for your business and the content is appropriate to the target audience.

Add relevant terms in the description of your business increases the chances of ranking on LinkedIn and to be found in searches done the “search bar” platform.

3. Optimize your URL

When the Company Page is created, a standard URL with a numeric code meaningless, is generated.

To customize the page, enter your LinkedIn settings and click “Public Profile”. Create a simple URL and use the company’s name if it is available. If you need to change, keep the extent that the company uses in other social networks .

4. effective ads

The Company Page allows you to perform actions sponsored to promote your content. The targeting capabilities and focus is often superior to other networks, such as Facebook.

There are excellent opportunities for you to take high quality traffic to your website in a short period of time.

5. Measure the performance of their publications

Analyze the amount of views, clicks and engagement in recent publications of your company is essential to identify what resonated best with the audience and adjust the pitch to the next publications.

6. Keep valuable information about followers

A panel gathers data from several followers with relevant information (title, activity sector, company size, etc.) and indicates whether your investments and content are being effective to attract the desired audience.

7. Use the social buttons

There are several plugins that can be inserted into your website or blog to take the visitor to follow your page on LinkedIn.

To finish

Include your LinkedIn address at signing emails, business cards and where to find more valid to spread the page.

The platform is one of the best channels for your company to talk with professionals and potential customers of your brand.

If you want to know more about how to use the social network to generate more business for your company, download our Introduction of the eBook marketing on LinkedIn , also available in audio for you to listen anytime.