7 Simple Tips to Improve the Positioning of your Content in Google Search Results

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In addition to generating quality content and to implement marketing strategies , there is another determining factor when effective delivery : achieving good SEO Ranking . Indeed, appear among the first search results  is the indication that your campaigns are going well. So in this post I will share with you 7 Effective ways to improve your SEO positioning , so you can maximize your communications efforts. Here we go!

7 simple and effective tips for improving your content SEO Ranking

How To Improve Your SEO Ranking

1- It uses your keywords “naturally”

Today no longer need  to fill your articles with keywords to get a good SEO Ranking,  and indeed such excess is something to avoid. Why? For a text full of keywords “embedded” to force your content gives an appearance of SPAM that many users will want to avoid literally at the “first impression”.

Therefore, I advise you to include your keywords in such a way as natural as possible and in key areas of your articles, for example, title and first paragraph. This coupled with the quality of your production enough to promote your SEO Ranking.

2- Complete Meta Descriptions

Many people forget or fail to complete the field called ” Meta Description ” after completing the development of content. And that’s a mistake! Step to explain: the Meta description is what people will read as information about your article on Google search results, as shown in the image below:

In other words, the Meta Description is your tool to convince the audience that your content is what they are looking for , so you must take it ! In addition, using the Meta Descriptions allows you to improve your CTR , and this in turn has a positive impact on your SEO Ranking . That is, Use them!

3- Simplify your URL

The first thing you see search crawlers are the URL of your content , so you should keep them as simple and concrete as possible. This will encourage proper categorization in the search engine. So, I advise avoiding excessively long URL , such as those stored automatically after, for example, write a post on your blog.

The URL too long are more difficult to categorize , why if you spend your content could appear related to searches that have no relation to your industry or sector. For example, I advise you  to use a maximum of 7 words in your URL to avoid these drawbacks.

4- Ae labels titration

The labels degree , also known as “H1” , “H2” and thus to “H6” are crucial pieces when prioritizing the content of your articles . It is hierarchically structured securities that information to index, the most important H1 and least H6 . Hence the importance of correctly use when writing your texts.

For example, the main title of your content should be an H1, H2 will be a caption and a subtopic within this caption will be a H3. In addition, I recommend be specific with your titles and avoid too generic categories (such as “Service”), with the aim of promoting your SEO Ranking as much as possible.

5- controls the speed of your site

An increasingly important in terms of achieving good factor  SEO Ranking , is the loading speed showing your website. This is because while Google search engine prioritizes rapid websites to position among the top search results.

Consequently, if your blog or web page loads too slow I recommend that you sconces necessary optimizations to improve performance. To meet the loading speed of your site and get some SEO advice, I recommend you use Quick Sprout .

Tips to be part of the Best Blogs

6- Use the “Alt Text” of your images

The Alt Text or Text Alternative your pictures are what will all users who have disabled images (very common thing in email services). Hence the importance of use, indicating in them the image in question is and, of course, including possible your keywords .

7- Check where the links come to your site

While you may think that the more links directed to your site, the better , the truth is that you must be careful with such links. Indeed, if your site is linked to pages with disreputable or classified as SPAM , you’d better wouldst them as soon as possible. The idea is that the links that point to your site are not only numerous, but are related to your industry and come from quality websites .

Tips to Improve Your SEO Ranking

Apply these 7 tips to improve your SEO Ranking when generating your content, and soon you’ll get the best results.

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