7 Simple and Effective Tips to Increase Organic Outreach on Facebook

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Posts without tanned, diminishing numbers and comments fall in shares. The result? Fan Pages with smaller enrollments and fewer people being affected by the posts. But after all, what is happening with organic reach on Facebook ?

The answer is simple, the network which today surpassed the billion users said that this drop is because the competition for attention from the companies is increasingly fierce. To prevent an escape of users by a barrage of information, Facebook through its algorithm promotes a kind of curated content to filter what you receive in your timeline.

At first glance this scenario seems to understand that the sponsored posts are the only way out for engagement. What for many seems to be the end of the organic range, for Facebook is nothing more than the quest to constantly improve the user experience (and of course, have a little more profitable too).

Select 7 simple and effective tips for your posts to gain more engagement and further increase the range without paying for it.

1 – Ask questions

If you want more interaction and gain an audience you need to give people something to talk about. Propose matter to make his followers think and feel comfortable answering. When creating a conversation you approach your audience to discover new possibilities of interaction and extends its organic range.

We suggest some ideas to help your content using as examples one sporting goods store (B2C) and financial consulting firm to businesses (B2B).

Specific question:
What is your sport for the weekend?

What is the biggest difference for your business?

Question choice:
treadmill or street? What place do you prefer to run?

Rent or buy a property?
What is best for your headquarters or branch?

Question image:
What is the best sports photo of the month?

What was the most important month for your company in 2014?

Question True or False:

The Brazilian soccer team never lost a round. True or false?

Philip Kotler Marketing began teaching in 1962. True or False?

Question relating an experience:
What sport marked his life?

What impressed you in the first year of your company?

Question fun:

If you could go running now, where would you go?

What was the most “tight skirt” that you’ve spent with a client?

2 – Use images

Images reinforce your brand identity on Facebook and help a lot in the relationship with the user. If your posting provoke reactions and positive interactions you are on track to expand its organic range.

Facebook is a visual network:

  • 93% of the most engaged publications have images.
  • 53% more tanned in posts with photos.
  • 104% more comments on visual content.

That is, to posts with greater range, look for inserting images.





The orange bars indicate the range. Note that the images generate more engagement and reach that links.

It is a fact that the images are the flagship of content on Facebook. So, try to identify what kind of pictures his fans prefer. Next, make similar posts (posts with the same theme but different pictures, for example) and gradually go selecting which ones the range is greater. When a posting type received a good number tanned, comments and shares repeat the posting style and continue measuring range.

3 – Post at the right time

Facebook has audience peak times. During the days of the week (especially on Wednesday) times from 13h to 17h are the busiest peaking at 15h.

Hitchhiking on the move can be a good opportunity and a risk where your posting can get lost among so many others. The important thing is to understand how to

shows your consumer. Often the public interest in your product or service may have specific times.

And how to find out your best time?

You can get insights from your Fan Page in “Information”> “Publications.”

4 – Frequency of posts

Once or twice a day guarantees a commitment of up to 40% higher than three grafts in the same period (Source: Buddy Media ). This shows that quality is better than quantity in Facebook posts.

Keep a constancy in the number of posts. If your company has no news explore the world of your niche market. Wrap the lives of people and their routines with products or services you offer. Certainly will not miss it.

And the whole process is still labor-intensive, schedule publications can help maximize the time your team. Do this within the Facebook postings own platform to not lose range.

5 – Make use of videos

Videos drive more engagement and reach that posts with just texts. No need for big productions, but basic care recording, content, script and creativity are key to a longer range. We separate some interesting data about videos on Facebook.

The first few seconds
Create content with impact early on. Facebook understands how to display the number of times the video has been viewed 3 seconds or more.

Short videos

Think of short videos, those with less than 21/2 tend to have more comprehensive views than others.
(Source: Socialbakers)

Climb your video via Facebook
Facebook prioritizes direct inserted contents of your media, so avoid Youtube to leverage its reach. Climb your video directly on the network, the result is much higher.

Rule 95

95% of video watched is already considered by Facebook as a full preview.
He considers the final 5% as loans or commercial.

6 – Take a ride on time

Another interesting point to increase its range is fit hot issues relating to their market theme. But be careful not to lose the right time of the campaign. Talk now about the case of the blue dress / black and white / gold, for example, you could burn your brand and make room for jokes profile. Also be sure that the matter is “out and about”, you may be talking about a subject that hardly anyone followed and can not understand the context of your post.

A good example is the poster Rock Content . Our partner company piggybacked on the launch of the new season of the series House Of Cards Netflix and released our e-book, “Content Marketing Results for: aligning content to the sales funnel.” The result of the post generated a good organic range and excellent results.

7 – Show that you are present

One of the biggest factors engagement and achievement are the interactions. Show that you are present. Answer all the questions asked by fans if they do not have the answer at the time, as a delay in the delivery of a product or eg software failure, warn that will bring the information as soon as possible or nominate a prepared canal to meet .


Always be proactive and show that there is someone “behind the machine” who cares about the people you interact with your brand. A good service is key in any area of ​​activity of your company.

To finish

Whatever your strategy, quality content is the most important factor to increase the organic reach on Facebook. By following these 7 tips hope that your posts can go even further.

Doubts? Suggestions? How was your experience by following the 7 tips? Tell us in the comments.

Regards and see you next post!